The possibility of Punk v Bryan

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  1. Recently, we've seen CM Punk and Daniel Bryan teaming up to take on the Wyatts and the Shield. It could last a couple of months until RTWM. This would create the opportunity to do Punk v Bryan at WM30, a huge match.

    I've seen interviews with Vince and CM Punk himself saying that they prefer his work as a heel rather than a face. So this is the perfect chance to turn him on Bryan during an upcoming tag-match.

    Bryan has abruptly left the authority storyline and is out of the title picture.

    Chances of it happening?
  2. Have them lose at Survivor Series, and Punk blames Bryan or something, then take it from there. Sky's the limit for you two. Give it your all, The Hoff is proud :yes::jericho:
  3. I think pitting them against each other at Wrestlemania would be rushing things and blowing through several more months of storylines too fast. You'd have to finish up the feud with the Wyatts, then finish up the feud with the Authority (who they will no doubt partner up against next, as Bryan/HHH and Punk/Orton are both matches that are definitely gonna happen, and if they don't, then someone please tell me what Orton and HHH will be doing at Mania if they're not wrestling Bryan and Punk) and then already start to build towards a Punk/Bryan match for Mania.

    I think doing a slower burn towards an eventual match between the two would be better.

    They've already formed a partnership with each other and they're doing battle with the Wyatts. IMO, this is simply a prelude as to what comes next, which is them facing off against the Authority as a duo. This will take us to Wrestlemania, where Punk defeats Orton and Bryan finally triumphs over Triple H, with the WWE Championship as the centerpiece in one of these matches. From here on, they'll be on completely separate paths and go on a roll (especially if there's any way to work it out so that Mania ends with one of them as WHC and the other as WWE Champion, but I seriously doubt this), and then they will meet up in a big match later on in 2014, possibly Summerslam, to see who the better man is.
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  4. Well, I think it's possible that they face off at WM now that you mentioned it. KL mentioned them rushing through stuff, but you know, they do that often. They may finish the Wyatt thing at Survivor Series, work against the authority until the Rumble and from there build a feud (I agree that I wouldn't particularly enjoy it going this way, but you know, it's possible). They may even just turn on one another after they're done with the Wyatts and skip the authority part altogether (Which does sound stupid, but then they may drag the Big Show thing until WM where he faces HHH and Orton can fight Cena in an unification match. Yeah, it's stupid, but I wouldn't ignore this possibility). But given how things are going, I'd guess they'll stick together as the Wyatt Family branches out into a feud vs the Shield and then they do face the authority.
  5. I still think the two of them will be in a triple threat match at Mania with WHC John Cena (WWE Champion Punk, who takes the title from Orton at either TLC or the Rumble, and Royal Rumble winner Bryan) to unify the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship. It just seems like a natural storyline for them and builds off of what they are doing now. I don't see the Wyatt vs. Punk/Bryan thing going long and expect their match to get turned into a 6-on-6 elimination match (it is Survivor Series, after all) involving the Shield, the Usos, and the Rhodes brothers.

    As for Orton and HHH, how about Orton (with HHH in his corner) vs. Bray Wyatt (?) (with Laurinaitis in his corner). People Power vs. "Best for Business"?

  6. I'm not sure if they would, but Bryan Vs. Punk at WM 30 would be awesome.
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