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  1. SCUM has been around in ROH for a while now, the evil faction hell bent on killing Ring of Honor, originally led by Kevin Steen but now led by Steve Corino (hilariously enough dressed like Jim Cornette). But without Steen who was arguably ROH's biggest name, does the group have as much danger around them as before?

    Let's look at the members:
    Steve Corino - the leader
    Jimmy Jacobs - one of the most well known names in ROH, used the rule the company with his Age of the fall stable.
    Cliff compton - Of Deuce and Domino's fame.
    Matt Hardy
    Jimmy Rave - ROH veteran
    Rhett Titus - Tons of potential in this one.

    Do you guys think that SCUM still has the destructive potential that was seen under Steen? And are there any particular members that you would use in a certain way without adding any new members to the group?
  2. Well Jacobs is a crazy mofo so there is danger there but i would like to see a singles push for him. Corino is in a non wrestling capacity and the rest are not much. TBH i am getting bored of this angle, what is it supposed to achieve now that Steen has gone?
  3. I watched a couple eps of ROH a few nights back to catch up on all I had missed over the past god knows how many months. I love what they are doing with Steen's character, and honestly sort of dug what was left of SCUM. Hardy's heel/savior role is actually pretty funny. Corino as the mouthpiece is awesome. Then you still have Jacobs to wrestle good matches and Rhino as the muscle. I liked the Titus pick up as well as it gives his character a sense of purpose that was lacking before.

    They are honestly interesting enough that I'll probably check out next week's episode.
  4. Same thing as before, destroy ROH. Only now Steen is opposing them, saying things are better without Cornette, and he becomes the antihero attempting to stop them from destroying the company.
  5. Yeah Steen returning somewhere down the road to save ROH seems likely and will most likely lead to a good pay off. But god knows how long he is written off TV. It will be interesting to see what kind of constellations of faces will be put against SCUM.
  6. I would guess the Briscos, but I'm unsure if they have already feuded before because as I said, before watching this last ep I hadn't seen the show in forever.
  7. Two best talents in the group now are Rave and Titus. I must say I liked Titus' sleazy character a lot better than his current one. I wouldn't mind those two in team together capturing the TT titles. Other than that the group gets a big :meh: from me. Don't care about anyone else in it.
  8. Briscoes spearheaded the war against SCUM with that black tag team (I don't know their names). But with Jay as the world champ he will obviously be involved somehow and Mark is the number 1 contender for the TV title it seems. I could see Elgin get involved to counter Rhino and it would be good since Elgin has shown that he needs more work after splitting from Truth (Truth covered the fact that Elgin has no flow in his wrestling, just move - move - move- sell) no in between work to make the match.
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