The potential of Sweet T and Brodus Clay

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Mar 12, 2013.

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    Might just be me here but WWE are sitting on a potential tag team goldmine with Brodus and Tensai. Allow me to explain. Brodus, before his debut was hyped as the next great monster heel. Showcasing an imposing look and personality and impressive ring work for a big man. Then we got the Funkasaurus and we saw another side of him. The fun loving and comical side which got him over with the casuals. Then we have Tensai, Tensai is a veteran of the business and a very solid guy for a big guy. He like Brodus can do comedy and do it well, showcased by his past as the hip hop hippo. He also does serious as monster well. Whilst in Japan he was one of the biggest monsters over there. Showcasing that especially in his tag team with Machine Gun Karl Anderson. Anderson and Tensai (then Giant Bernard) were absolute beasts as a tag team, dominating NJPW and NOAH and holding records for their reign in New Japan. Pulling of some great matches and becoming reasonably big draws. Tensai helped Anderson out a lot which is paying off now in Anderson's push over in Japan. We have the potential for something similar here.

    Tensai and Brodus can start off as the comical face team and down the line after capturing the tag titles turn heel and become the monsters of the tag division. Tensai can help Brodus mature as a character and performer and once the team ends Brodus will be ready for bigger things in the mid card - upper mid card as a monster heel to take the place of older guys like Big Show and Mark Henry.

    Do you guys agree or do you not see it?

    seabs can help out with NJPW matches.
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    Anyway yeah this team has potential to reinvent the division, they can both work and speak, I prefer Tensai with a smaller guy however.
  3. He'll probably just turn on Brodus just like he did Scotty Too Hotty ("He made me dance!") in 2001/2002. I don't see the team lasting that long.
  4. Yeah, I suppose it can work well. Gets both men out of the crap that they were doing before (jobbing) and is a team that can help the division. Tensai helping Clay mature as a monster does sound likely as well.
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