The Power of Nuclear Power

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roadster, Mar 28, 2014.

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  1. It was 35 years ago, around 4 am, that the nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island near Harrisburg PA experienced a partial meltdown .. So many evacuated. So much toxic radiation dumped into the Susquehanna river.. Even Saturday night live at the time spoofed the Carter administration response by showing Dan Akroyd, playing Carter, as turning green.

    The world was gripped in nuclear fever--as much as those exposed to the actual radiation..

    A few years later, Chernobyl occurred..

    And now in 2014, 36"5 years after the Harrisburg disaster, Fukushima continues to unravel like a slow motion train wreck, causing a nightmare in Japan for the generation cursed to love through the horrid aftermath of the 2011 meltdown..

    And if you don't think there's anything to fear about Fukushima, tell that to the young sailors aboard the USS REAGAN who are suffering tremendous signs of radiation exposure.. Those brave young men and women were among the first responders that the United States sent to Japan on a humanitarian mission after the quake and tsunami..

    35 years after Three Mile Island, we are as radiated--and ignorant about the dangers of nuclear power--as ever.

    Glow green, world.

    Might i remind you it takes 22,000 years for a complete nuclear explosion to go over, this is a partial probably like 1/3, that means this is a little to over-active.
  2. Surely it depends on the half-life of the nucleus used in the Uranium or Plutonium to say how long it takes for the effects to "go over" as you put it?
  3. Forgot to put *its main radioactive phase*
  5. What? It emits the same level of radiation irregardless of how long it's been going until it reaches the half-life at which point it no longer performs mitosis at the same speed?
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