The Power Of The F-5!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Aug 29, 2014.

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  1. This is something funny and cool I noticed...

    Some had a small complaint following Summerslam that Cena taking a huge beat down by Lesnar as opposed to Punk putting up much more of a fight a year earlier made Punk look superior to Cena. My first response was that this was simply looking too much into it as there are all kinds of inconsistencies like these in wrestling, but upon further thought, maybe there actually IS a good argument as to why this happened. That argument might be that the F-5 is simply the most devastating finisher in the WWE today.

    Proof of how devastating the move can be? One has to look no further than Wrestlemania XXX. Despite the Undertaker kicking out of multiple finishers (Sweet Chin Music, Pedigree, etc.) and several chair shots and sledgehammer shots in the previous four or five years before losing the Streak, three simple F-5's in a normal match that didn't allow the use of weapons was able to keep the Undertaker down this year. Perhaps in kayfabe, you can simply look at the F-5 as the worst move that you can be hit with.

    Point is, Cena unlike any of Brock's other opponents (unless I'm sorely mistaken here, and I'm pretty certain I'm not since there's only seven other matches to sample from) got hit with the F-5 in the very early stages of the match. You could easily just say that once that happened, the momentum shifted entirely in Brock's advantage for the rest of the match on. If anyone on the Creative team took notice of this, they could even incorporate this into the buildup for Night Of Champions by having Cena acknowledge this and talk about how if he can avoid being hit with the F-5 that early (or at all), then he knows he has a fighting chance against Brock Lesnar.
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  2. My rebuttal was that Lesnar improved from last year, There is a such thing as training harder thus becoming stronger and faster.
    It's reasonable trained saw the Undertaker and knew he had to push himself harder than he ever had.
    Just because this is professional wrestling does not mean an individual remain at the same level or peak from year to year.
  3. Of course. Things need to always be judged on a case-by-case basis rather than adopting a black and white mentality where you assume everyone or everything will fare exactly the same in every scenario. I just think the F-5 being the most devastating move to take is pretty good reasoning as well.
  4. I was so surprised he actually hit Cena with that F-5 right off the bat. I figured Cena would have enough where-with-all to land on his feet or something that early in the match, cause he almost always counters finishers at least once a match. But it did its job and did it well.
  5. I more than agree. It's a great reference point and something done very deliberately.
    Cena has gone on record as saying he believes the roster is 'there' in terms of ring work.
    It shouldn't be any surprise that he, at least, knows how to put together a match that follows a particular outcome or storyline
    I wanted to find the piece where Cena and Rock are verbally jabbing and tells Rock "Turn me around and give me the Rock Bottom", or something to that effect,
    If Cena is give a power move in the ring, he's generally the one calling for it.
  6. I agree that they should use this angle. Cena must avoid the F-5 at all costs. Much like when Batista fought Triple H in a rematch back in 2005 at BackLash. Triple H said Dave feared the Pedigree and had Triple H hit the Pedigree, Dave wouldn't have won at Mania.

    I feel they can use a similar approach. As long as Cena avoids the F-5....he might win.
  7. Fuckin' A, Lock!

    This freakin' guy is better/smarter than the entire WWE Creative.
  8. Agreed ^

    Now... How awesome would it be if Cena won and then Seth cashed in and won the WWE-WHC?! Oh hell yeah! I would be all up for this scenario.
    I'm cool with Brock winning clean again, though. I'm cool with everything, except with Cena walking out as champ.
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  9. Just wanted to say that this theory is even more solid now seeing as how Brock didn't hit Cena with the F-5 at all during their match at Night Of Champions (let alone in the first minute), and we saw a whole different match as a result. Sure, Lesnar still dominated but it wasn't anywhere near on the same scale as Summerslam and Cena even arguably had Brock beat at the end.
  10. Well, they've obviously wanted to protect Cena and they did. They'll do it just the same at HIAC PPV, (hopefully inside Hell In A Cell) he'll prolly get hit with 2 or 3 F-5s before finally eating the pin, I suppose.
  11. CM Punk sucks. Cenation ftw!
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  12. If that match happens (and I'm hoping like hell that it does because the climax of this feud deserves the cell more than any other feud, including Ambrose vs Rollins), then Cena definitely should take 3 F-5's. It took only two to put him down at Summerslam (although 16 German Suplexes I'm sure adds up to the impact and ferocity of one F-5, but I digress), so he should be harder to put down the next time.
  13. Agreed.

    Cena vs Lesnar should happen at HIAC for the 3rd time and that should be the end of the fued, with Cena losing. At this point, I wouldn't have Big Show fight Lesnar at HIAC, just because he already demolished him at the Rumble earlier and plus, BIg Show's character is now more than ever harder to rebuild, there's no more Big Mean Giant... All he's right now is Big Crybaby.

    Ambrose vs Rollins should definitely happen inside the cell! I mean, at least 2 matches should be inside the cell, since it's the gist of the PPV. It'd be cool if the briefcase was on the line, though.
  14. Don't be surprised if they save Brock vs Big Show for Survivor Series. I'm praying it doesn't happen, but Survivor Series is the PPV where twelve years ago Brock had his first WWE Championship reign and his undefeated streak both ended simultaneously at the hands of the Big Show (completely ignoring the irony of Brock only losing because Paul Heyman turned on him and sided with Big Show that night.) So that gives them a small bit of story to build off of if they want to book another match.

    I'd love to see Ambrose vs Rollins inside the cell as well and while I usually hate having two HIAC matches on the same show, I could live with it here. However, with reports of Brock Lesnar possibly not even wrestling at the PPV and with Cena looking like he's already transferred his anger over to Seth Rollins, that ending to Raw two nights ago makes me think the HIAC main event will be a 2-on-3 handicap match inside the cell between Cena/Ambrose and Orton/Rollins/Kane. Which I guess I can live with even though it's a lot less desirable than the alternative (especially with Survivor Series coming up, seeing as how this match can almost be saved as a traditional SS elimination match if Reigns and another partner join Cena and Ambrose while HHH joins Rollins, Kane and Orton.)
  15. why the hell wont Brock wrestle at HIAC?
  16. Not making him work every single PPV keeps his aura of being a special attraction alive. They also save money by not having him appear every month.
  17. well no Im asking like is he not showing up because he doesn't want to or what?
  18. Well, WWE negotiated a deal recently that said they can use Brock for however many dates they want from now till Wrestlemania, so the decision is likely their's.
  19. - I wouldn't be surprised, actually, as much as I would be annoyed with that kind of decision. Screw Big Show.

    - You have a good point there, Lock. A 2-on-3 handicap match inside the HIAC is plausible... But I would much rather have Brock fighting Cena one last time at HIAC. There's a whole bunch of scenarios that could happen from now till the actual HIAC PPV, and from there till Survivor Series...
  20. I feel they should at least have him at every PPV then. I mean he's the champ....the champ defends his title at every PPV...that simple.
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