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Discussion in 'Sports' started by seabs, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. Haven't seen this posted so :

    So what so we think ? Is it too much or what? How much do you spend when you go to support your team?

    Premier League breakdown


  2. Can you summarise it?
  3. Football is too expensive for the service they offer (tickets / food & drinks and merch stuff like that)

    Examples include Leeds charging £4 for a programme, Arsenal charging £100 for a ticket to 1 match and the general lack of consistency in pricing structures. Blackburn games were as cheap as £17.50 last season but Arsenal charged £100 for some games as an example, I know there is a difference in quality but where is the logic there?
  4. Agreed, definitely. Football is just a 90 minute game of sport, it shouldn't be such an expensive match. However, with the demand being so high and the supply in most stadiums being so small, it would be rather silly not to profit from that. The clubs need revenue and their most important revenue really is attendances. If football payers didn't have such ridiculous wages then I reckon they could afford to decrease the price by a lot, but football at the high-end is a business. You think these rich guys buy clubs to just have fun owning a team? Unfortunately not, they buy it for profit.
  5. Then again you have to sustain it, look at Italy for example and how their bubble burst. Make a pound for the rest of your life or 10 for a week, which would you prefer? Plus isn't the PL making some crazy money from sponsorship, even more than before from last year? Surely that could be worked in for them, lower clubs I can understand the fans being a driving force but surely most in PL especially the mainstays could cut their costs,
  6. I don't know enough about how important ticket sales are to revenue but I know it is at least important. The bigger teams would make more from tv rights, sponsorships, and stuff like that. But I'm sure the owners of a club like United for example are going to want to profit largely by a 75,000 seater stadium used like 3 times a week and is constantly full. If you charge say £75 a ticket, then you're making a lot of money per week.

    Not sure what Italy have done in detail. I know they have a wage cap though now don't they?
  7. I don't know the full story but I know they struggle to fill their stadiums for anything other than the huge games now (CL / Milan derbies and the like) plus the clubs are posting huge losses despite not really spending, AC posted 112 & 84 million euro losses in 08 and 09 as an example (stats for here ) It was only in the 90's and early 2000s it looked to be unbeatable as a league but it imploded on it's self as the crowds dropped due to stupidly high prices, and general interest in the game wavered. The PL looks unbeatable now sure but I can see it sliding eventually, too much money is in it for the bubble not to now.
  8. I'm not sure the PL will burst. I again don't know much about Italian culture but football here is everything. Attendances are always high and there is so much drama, the league just keeps growing STILL. How can't it when we have some of the spectacles we have seen over the years? Maybe at the lower end, but I really don't see the PL struggling in the near future anyway. If they do however, they will be able to deal with it, unlike Italy.
  9. I got to Southport FC at least 4 times a £1.50 for shit in a cup that they call Hot Chocolate...that name fails on 2 counts.
  10. When I saw the thread title all I could think of was.

    Ted DiBiase : "Everybody has a price for the million dollar man"
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