The Prime Time Players reunite: Raw, February 16, 2015

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    The Prime Time Players reunite: Raw, February 16, 2015
    Titus O'Neil helps former tag team partner Darren Young fight off The Ascension. See FULL episodes of Raw on WWE NETWORK: Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE:
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  3. I'm more confused about this than anything.. I like the PTP and all but this random reunion is very poor writing.
  4. Somebody expected good writing from WWE?
  5. Not good, but significantly better than this.. this was a team that had no resolution from Titus beating the absolute crap out of Darren Young before he got hurt.. now all the sudden Titus makes the save. I guess we'll see if he has other motives for doing it which may change my position on it but..
  6. I'm glad about the PTP reunion, even though it was out of the blue and could've been executed a tad bit better.

    With Gold & Stardust breaking up, I think another team is welcome to the tag division. I'm sick of seeing those lame Usos going at it with same teams each and every week.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they reunited the PTP only for them to job to The Ascension at FL and then break 'em up the next night on RAW. lol
  7. I think it makes sense. It's been a year, the reason could be that Titus regrets what he did and saw that they didn't accomplish much when they went their separate ways and that their friends and whatnot. It's out of the blue, but at least it's something happening in the midcard, I guess.
  8. They're black. Makes perfect sense see.
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  9. Fuck wwe for not even giving one middle-card title for titus on his laughable singles run. Seriously, I understand that its a deep roster, but for fucks sake, the whole reasoning behing the ptp breakup was "I want to win championships", which seemed really cool at the time.
  10. Why would they give Titus anything? He's black and WWE just loooooves black people.
  11. WWE has broken lots of standards on the past, it's usually open-minded about stuff. It would feel out of place for them to blatantly racist. But oh well, I guess anything's possible
  12. 'Anything can happen in the WWE' is kinda their saying, so...
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