The Promo Advice/Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'WWE 2K17 League Archive: PlayStation 4' started by Closed, Apr 15, 2016.

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  1. This thread can be used to ask for and receive feedback on promos. The league runs on promos and the better the promo, the better it is for everyone. If you want feedback on a promo, link it in this thread.

    This thread can also be used by anyone to give feedback and advice on a promo they see. Don't use this thread just to tell someone that their promo was bad, tell them why it was bad and give them advice on how to improve.

  2. Okay... never done one of these before, but it's worth a shot.

    This promo is good, especially for someone who I haven't seen write a promo yet. First things first some spelling/grammar mistakes.

    'Not a bad way too make youre debut am I right?' - Youre should be just Your, also the wrong 'To' aswell.

    'cause im bigger, badder, better! than anyone in the locker room, just look at me. - Exclamation mark not needed by better, it should be at the end after 'me'.

    A common error - Your using the wrong 'To', 'Too' is if your saying 'Too much of something', for example....
    'Too good'
    'Too fast'
    'Too spicy'

    Also, capital letters and other punctuation marks are placed incorrectly.

    Talk about your opponent. Why are you better than them? What makes them stand no chance at all against you?

    Speak about your finishing move... What makes it so deadly? Is it going to be the move that ends your opponent?

    Talk about the title... Why is the title important to you? What makes you the perfect candidate for that title?

    Apart from all of that it's a very nice promo, especially for your first one. I think you have the skill to write amazing promos if you get your punctuation perfect. I think your next promo should be talking to the WWEF universe, use the media import button at the top to put in your entrance music and go from there.

    Good luck man!

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  3. Great feedback :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Thanks for the feedback
  5. I'm not going to give much feedback considering I always come off as an asshole when I give feedback. But I want to bring up just one sentence from D3ADLY's promo.
    Trump is very likely going to be president in 2016. Check your facts.
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  6. Dammit, don't depress me Gino. I live in the UK and that sentence scares me... he'll probably wanna invade us if our govt don't like him or some scary ass shit...
  7. Trump is pretty retarded, but he's not a psychopath who wants to take over the world. America would never benefit from that, and I'm sure he knows that. Most of his plans are absolutely ludacris and I'm sure that, in four years, he'll be seen as one of the worst presidents ever, but him attacking the UK would go way too far, brother. Pretty sure that if he would attack countries in Europe, that we'd stop him from doing that anyways. The US is strong and has a nicely developed army, but he can't go and defeat an entire continent lol.
  8. Hopefully he isn't that crazy. But when a presidential candidate who is thoroughly ignorant and racist and has no previous experience, and is likely going to win, shit's scary.
  9. This thread died in a big way. Anyway, @Welsh-Wizard-97 and I would appreciate some feedback on this!

  10. GOOD PROMO CiV! 10/10! I LOVED IT!
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  12. Feedback
  13. I liked it. Probably shorter than most promos
  14. Good work @Voin. Well written and gives a good sense of Senn and who he is, etc.
  15. I disagree with calling it short. Most promos are about that length, especially league wise. I can count maybe seven promos since 2k15 that exceeded 1500 words, and those were still a rarity.

    @Voin I dug the promo. I can buy your character as an asshole, lol.
  16. Probably me and the IWT promos then. I always got 1000 to 1500 words each match for each promo. Glad I decided to leave tbh
  17. Yeah, e-feds and leagues are two different avenues. The league is more quantity and short promos can be used to build over time. E-feds are all about getting everything out at once. Hell, in NGW there were rarely promos under 1000 words, let alone 500
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  18. Feedback pls? First Tyson promo in a while and I know I'm not the best, but it's nice to receive feedback.
  19. To plagiarise a page out of your book... first. :emoji_slight_smile: (Like for srs 7 likes is lovely but to people not have anything to say?!)
  20. I honestly didn't think you would be able to pull off the Jack Rogue heel turn and have it work, but I was completely wrong and it shows your strength as a writer and writing for your character. This promo not only showed me the complete turn that has happened, but how he has completely changed. The idea of his opponents being victims is great and this whole feud you have with Sam is very underrated so far. Jack Rogue has gone from the loveable underdog, to the hated, dark heel which nobody expected.
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