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  1. Age: 18
    Favorite wrestler(s) of all time: Brian Kendrick, John Morrison, Jeff Hardy.
    Current favorite wrestler(s): CM Punk, Dean Ambrose, Erick Rowan.
    How long I've been a fan of wrestling: Since Wargames 2000.
    How did I find the site: Youtube.
    Favourite Wrestling Company: WCW, now WWE.
    Will I be active here: Every Monday, sometimes Friday, and a few every other days. Especially on PPVs, hangout with me at Livestream 1.

    Anyone want to tweet me during raw or friday night smackdown? Follow me @prthunder2 or if you want to Skype and talk wrestling, inbox me if you're interested.
  2. Hey buddy, welcome to the site.
  3. Welcome to the site dude.
  4. Another user with Latin blood. Nice.

    Welcome to the site. Big fan of Kendrick
  5. Welcome to the site dude
  6. Welcome to the forum.
  7. Welcome to the forum,bro.
  8. I`m happy to see that i`m not the only latino in here
  9. Hello and i hope you enjoy your time on here.
  10. I'm also a fellow Puerto Rican welcome!
  11. Loving your sig
  12. Thanks man.
  13. Welcome man, have fun around.
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