The Pungi is like Santino's Urn

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  1. That was good fun. The BATTLE FOR THE COBRA on Smackdown. I love good cheesy comedy in wrestling. The pungi is the name of the flute used for snake charming. He was down and out, but Khali brought him back with the power of the pungi!

    In before someone takes wrestling way too seriously and shits on that segment...

  2. I don't have to take wrestling "too seriously" to know that segment was just awful. And a tad racist I think. I mean Indian guys playing snake charming music? Come on. Is this an old Bugs Bunny cartoon? Hell, I would have liked it better if the guy from 3MB (forgot name) played the DRUMS to charm the snake. Since, you know, he "plays" those in 3MB.
  3. Wrestling's always been a tad racist. It's a little late to start getting offended at it now.
  4. Not so much offended as I wish they were creative enough to come up with better stuff. But I guess you gotta take what you can get.
  5. Either that or bitch on the internet to no real end.
  6. Gotta pass the time somehow
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  7. Haha fair enough.
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  8. It was racist in a way and just time filler really.
  9. Yeah it is time filler. Not every match can be red hot or the crowd get burnt out. Now if we're done teaching you the basics of a pro wrestling show...
  10. I didn't say every match was to be red hot and no one needs to teach me the basics, There was nothing in my post to say that I need to be taught them especially when I know them already.
  11. Jeez you are a **** aren't you?

    I just didn't like it and thought it was dumb as a time filler. I would've rather seen Sincara botch against 3MB and thats saying something. And I even like Santino's character.
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  12. I think our best option with dealing with him is ignoring him and report posts where he is insulting.
  13. I think he meant me, but after more than 15 years of being a WWE fan I think I can say the same as you.
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  14. Hahaha I wasn't talking to you. You're fine. Cactus Jack is the dude I am calling a ****, and doing it often.

    3MB are great at their jobs BTW. Not everyone can be the top guy. You need good utility workers like 3MB. The paychecks are just fine in that role.

  15. I did not mean you. You're just sharing your opinion, not being a complete dickshit like some people haha. :jbl:

  16. Stay on topic, or risk being reported. :mad2:
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  17. Oh ok, my bad, and I wasn't dissing 3MB per say. I agree, somebody has to be the jobber. And they certainly do an entertaining job of it.
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  18. Yeah dude that's all I'm trying to say. They get a good enough reaction to pop the crowd when they get destroyed by Big Show or whomever. Heath particularly is no slouch when it comes to selling. I think in a year or two he could strike out on his own as a good IC Champ.
  19. 3MB should split up and have Jinder get released, Heath and Drew go into singles.
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  20. I'm all for firing Jinder because fuck that dude. Drew is a washout. He won't ever be at the level he was at before, because he got punked out by a woman. Tiffany or whatever her name is slapped the shit out of him in a hotel and was fucking all kinds of dudes behind his back. Once you get exposed as a bitch like that, you won't get pushed. It's like how Morrison fucked his career by getting cuckolded by Batista. No one will take you seriously when another dude gorillafucks your woman, tells everyone about it, and then you just stay with the crazy bitch.

    A more extreme example of this is how in Bill Watts' territory, if you lost a bar fight you would lose your job on the spot. Of course today the business isn't in risk of being exposed, but you need to still have this alpha male image if you're going to be a top guy. To bring it back to Drew, you can't be perceived as an alpha male when your crazy slut wife slaps the shit out of you.
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