The Purge II

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Butters!, Feb 15, 2014.

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  1. I was absolutely infatuated by the first movie, It was one of the best movies in 2013 in my eyes. And now their making a sequel. As much as I loved the first movie, I detest the fact that they are making it into a series. This is where MOST movies tend to go wrong. We already know the plot so what's new?

    Check out the trailer and share your views on it.

  2. Also why is the movie labeled a horror when nothing was intensely frightening about it? It seems more of a thriller to me.
  3. Horror is not all about obvious jump out scares they can be suspenseful, or mind f**ks, all out gorefests, slow burns to a climatic end it all depends. The purge is meant to be a thinker such as you put urself in that situation thats where the horror of it comes from you relating it to ur family and friends.

    As for the sequel not a huge fan myself but its a storyline with some legs in it yet and if they dont completely sell out on it, it could be good.
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  4. Oh hooray another irrelevant sequel to an atrocious movie.
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  5. Off topic, fuck jump scares.
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  6. I found the first movie meh IMO, but this trailer makes me want to watch number II. Good stuff.
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  7. Well It's the teaser, There's still a trailer to come.

    I am interested in some of the scenes such as that skateboarder at the end.
  8. My mistake was overhyping the first one going into it.
    After Sinister I thought Ethan Hawke + Horror could do no wrong but I was a bit mistaken.. Purge could've been a lottt better imo, I gave it a 5.5/10 when I sent in my review to an amateur critic site.
    Overall I really just feel they took a brilliant concept and did not do it near as justice it should've.
  9. Amateur critic site? Horror based or general?
  10. action/adventure/horror/comedy/scifi
    nooo drama unless its combined with either of the above.
  11. Fair enough. You got a link? As I'm always hunting for random review sites for reading about lesser known film and the like.
    Some people do Dramas there, the list I mentioned above is what I write about.
    Haven't gotten anything published yet but have written reviews to the editor of the site several times, he said feel free to keep writing they post guest reviews a lot. (Just started writing there)

    otherwise I just use RT & Reddit
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  13. If they do make this into a series, I do not believe it will fail. The sequel seems like what should have been the first movie instead of Hawke and his family. Purge: Anarchy looks to have more of a horror factor to it than its predecessor. I really am excited about this movie more than the first because of the different paths they can take with the storyline. Think about it, you could spawn off so many movies with just this storyline.
  14. heard the first movie sucked, which disappointed me. The concept was awesome, but reviews say they stray away from the concept and it becomes a typical outsider trying to invade the home type of movie. oh well.
  15. No one asked you sir. :willis:
  16. eat it
  17. I can if u want me 2
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  18. Movie was a fucking abomination, Interesting idea poorly executed, terrible script.
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  19. I was on the same boat. Was juiced, as the concept was great. 99% of it was in the house and made no sense, didnt show jack shit about anyone else but from a zoom cam from the house.

    It was one of the most disappointed movies that could have been labeled as something new to the genre. I wont watch this one, not even TPB the shit, and expect it to hit DVD quality in a month max.
  20. I mean with such a brilliant concept and Ethan Hawke I really thought they had something there :emoji_slight_frown:
    I was highly disappointed with it, luckily I bought it when it was on sale for like $10 on blu-ray so I got the digital copy and then just sold it for $7 so I guess I made out haha.
    Idk if I'll go see the 2nd one but if there's any way I can view it in good quality for free, like if I get a free promo code to the RedBox machines after it comes out on DVD then I'll think about giving it a look.
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