The pursuit of happiness

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  1. My pursuit of happiness

    What is happiness and how does one come to possess it? Take a look around and you will find a large number of people who are unhappy for a variety of reasons. Many of these people are saddened and insecure about themselves, lacking hope for a brighter future. Others seek happiness through constant attention and affection from the people around them. The list can go on.

    I was thinking about what it takes to be happy the other day and I came to a realization. There is a strong correlation between the answer to happiness and the meaning of life. So what is the meaning of life? Surely it's not to grow up working, collecting stuff, and then meeting an untimely demise. That doesn't make sense. I feel the meaning of life is to care for others, creating loving and healthy relationships. Life is a test, a series of trials which you pass or fail. Passing means you grow to become a better and stronger person, where failure only means letting your life become controlled and unsatisfying.

    Happiness can mean many things. To me, happiness is reading that book you can't put down, making someone smile, and being around those I love. It is commonly said that money can't buy happiness (although I'm convinced it can get you at least a more pleasant form of misery ha). So what is the secret to happiness? I believe the answer can be found by following just two uncomplicated, but not always easy steps.

    1. Be happy with who you are. I am convinced that you can't love others or make others happy if you don't enjoy being around yourself. Take time out of every day and do something you love to do. Looking to find happiness in a friend or significant other is a temporary solution to satisfaction; when you are alone at the end of the day, you only have yourself to make you happy.

    2. Make others happy. It's that simple.
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  2. Agree with those steps to be honest. I do think it can be more complicated though, you might need to open yourself up to certain philosophies on life before accepting #1 and #2 as the "key to happiness". Materialistic factors are always going to play a part with modern society, only when you realise materialistic items aren't necessary at all for happiness is when you can open yourself up to just enjoying who you are, who you're around and making others happy.
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  3. I didn't think of the materialistic aspect so much. Good call, sir.
  4. Well, I felt happy after reading your post sir.:obama:
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  5. Thank you! This is just stuff I write in my journal. :-)
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