The Questioning of a WF Queen.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Hannah Bee, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. I'm taking questions! Go pile up this thread with questions and I'll answer them IN VIDEO FORM after 24 hours! :emoji_kissing_heart:*
  2. Are those prescription lenses, or are you some sort of wannabe hipster?

    Why do the Philippines hate wrestling?

    Why do you consider yourself the Queen of WWEF when it is clearly me?

    If you and LD shot a lesbian scene, what would the 3 MUST HAVE positions be?
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  3. If this is the questioning of the WF Queen why isn't Britanica answering these questions? :pipebomb:
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  4. laughs
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  5. If this is a questioning of a WF Queen, why isn't Gohan answering them while farting? :pipebomb:
  6. Was hoping this was a Mamma Mia Kia thread, but it's you. I know how bad your English is, so ill make this as cheap as possible.

    Did you really bang your professor?
    What makes me such a great person?
    How many times have you touched yourself to Orton?
    How many times while watching WWE live?
    What wwef member would you get handsy with first?
    When you get your doctorate, will that transfer to the USofA?
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  7. The Queen already answered the questions though, here's her video:
    Show Spoiler
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  8. I don't think it's the Phillipines in general, just her school. They might've saw it as distracting and doesn't help her studies, which is the most vital thing there, one's studies. There's multiple pages on Facebook of WWE and TNA fans who reside in the Phillipines. Plus, it's also where my first exposure to WWE happened. I think Hannah also mentioned that Mysterio had been there multiple times as well. I could be wrong though.

  9. My English is OK. XD Answering the questions on Video, don't worry about that. :emoji_wink:
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  10. The Philippines in general, Jenn. :emoji_slight_smile:) Church activists always surge up in wrestling tours, some people even putting their children on psychiatric help just because they like "the sport of the devil". Not that evident now, but still there. :emoji_slight_smile:) Gonna discuss it wholly in the vid haha
  11. Not trying to sound like a creep, but please rock the glasses in the vid. I have a thing for glasses
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  12. Creep.
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  13. Practically blind without them.

    I just answered Question #1. XD
  14. f
    Oh, nm then. Please don't wear them. The only thing hotter than a chick in glasses is a chick that can't see anything.
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  15. Out comes the cross eyes. So sxxxy.
  16. Loved the Queen's reply to the sinner's question, but you didn't answer half of that question...:tough:
  17. Oh... Well screw that. Once you get your degree move the fuck over here and never look back, lmfao.
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  18. I'm not cross-eyed! Everything is just blurry. XD
  19. I'm gonna be 27 when I move there. XD
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