"The Radical" arrives.

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Rockstar.Remedies, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. The lights dim, the crowd in silence from what is about to bestow upon them.

    We are given a pan of the entire arena and it's masses.

    Slowly, the camera pans in to the fixed stage-in, as a cloud of smoke billows from beneath.

    It rises in massive amounts, hiding what force is contained behind it.

    Suddenly, with the flick of a switch, a man explodes through the smoke, donning ebony shades.

    He mouths "Deal with it", a confident smirk slapped upon his facial features.

    He lofts a brow and runs a hand through his hair, before grabbing the frame of his shades removing them. Introductions are necessary, and he is the one to give it.

    Reaching into his back pocket, he shuffles to grab the hilt of his "gun", bringing it forth to reveal his voice, the mouthpiece known as a microphone to captivate the thousands in attendance.

    But before one can even fathom his presence... Bang, you're dead. The lights return to reveal the crime scene, catching it's criminal in the act.

    T N @ L X |?| Total Non-Stop @ L X
    I've decided to mix things up tonight. I've decided that there's only one way to make an entrance, and that's in character, but what the suits and ties in the back won't tell you is behind closed doors. Allow me to open those doors right now, break kayfabe and shed a light on the subject. This is Out of Character... and I'm breakin' the fourth wall in.

    He receives a mixture of cheers and jeers from the interactive audience, as he twirls the microphone back up to under his chin.

    T N @ L X |?| Total Non-Stop @ L X
    Let's skip the formalities, or rather, run through them quickly. Get the intros outta the way, shall we? We shall. Alright, I know I'm young-blood, fresh at the age of twenty-two, for you obvious commentators spectatin'. My favorite professional wrestlers? Hands down in order of their impact on my life. Alex Shelley, the best Chain-Wrestler in the universe today, Talent on Loan from God. CM Punk, whether heel or face he has never been one to not amaze me. Hell, I got my spunk from Punk. I'm not even holding a microphone right now.

    Suddenly, the microphone is gone. His fist claims air, as it is beneath his chin.

    T N @ L X |?| Total Non-Stop @ L X
    And finally, Bryan Danielson, hands down the greatest submissionist of our time, and if it weren't for William Regal, I would have never loved watching dark matches in the WWF between those two. Surely it takes a great mentor to form the greatest of all-time. There's not a lot you need to know about me, but if you pick up what I'm layin' down then I shall inform you. I help run a federation called New International Wrestling Alliance. A dedicated commmunity, much like the one before me, we strive for what you strive for. An Alliance amongst wrestlers? Yeh, it could happen. United, we wrestle! Sure, we all might be geeks, but we're the most hardcore geeks you could ever raise an eyebrow to. We wrap our wrists in tape. We boot up the Playstation 3, and we mash the holy spectrum of colors out of those buttons. At the end of the day, the product we provide is bar none, awesome from my perspective as a fan. Hard work, dedication. You all know what it's like to put your "all" into something, just look around at these forums! We aim to entertain the masses, draw them to want more. We fight each other in the most brutal bouts escalating to the heights of Rock vs. Austin amongst our hierarchy... Well one can dream, can't they? And where there are dreamers there are believers... Believe this, you're lookin' at... NOT THE BEST IN THE WORLD!

    He suddenly takes off down the ramp, arms erect, fingers held up towards the sky, screaming "YES! YES! YES! YES!" at the top of his lungs, surely enough from this speed his only downfall is tripping...



    And that's all I have. I feel like I achieved victory.


    But truly... All I achieved is :upset: "Who is this guy, and why a wall of text?"

    ... My badass introduction? Close enough. :boss1:
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  2. That is a fantastic Introduction, I really enjoyed reading it, Welcome to WWEForums, I hope you remain active, as I think you'll be a very active high quality poster.

    Your introduction was so sweet, I liked it.

    If you need anything around the forum, don't hesitate to message me or any other member.

  3. Best introduction I've seen in quite some time man. Welcome to the forums, I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay. :obama:
  4. I'm really glad you liked my intro. I feel like a boss. I will love to remain active. You guys are a fun bunch. I'll be glad to message you and anyone else that wants me to. Help is always necessary. I appreciate it, greatly.


    Well, that's a pleasant surprise! Thank you very much, means a lot. I did bring a little bit of my Online Character out in me. So far, I'm enjoying it greatly, and really having fun with memes, as if you couldn't tell. I like this place, already. :gusta:
  5. Welcome! Awesome intro right there! :emoji_slight_smile:)


    Please join our eFed FEDERATION X if you're interested (I doubt it tho, you have your own fed. :sad:)! :emoji_grinning: I hope you'll be active here!
  6. All-time favorite moment is him being forced to wear the "traditional" TNA Turkey outfit and flipping Mick Foley off. Gets me every time. With talks of him being signed to WWE, it's about time. He's not getting any younger, and it's a perfect time to introduce him.


    I feel it necessary that even though my heart is set on my Federation, I should at least give FEDERATION X a chance, because I've been given one here, and I know I'm busy and that might mean jobbing out, but it's all in fairness. I'll bring about my character's likenesses and such for a little bit of credibility... Plus, I've always considered "The Radical" Ricky Rourke/ @ L X CraVen an Overseas Tour type of guy... Always wanting to expand his character, much like in real life. Could be fun!

    I will also, to anyone interested in seeing our PS3 Online Fed's weekly shows... Post them... (Shameful cheap plug here... NIWA: New International Wrestling Alliance) for you guys to either enjoy, or to hate.

    Either way, we're tired of being our only audience, and it's time to test our product with a real audience.

    No longer do we decide whose face and whose heel, you guys will have the power to perceive our characters in your eyes... Which is truly great for me to say. It means a lot. Thank you, thank you all!
  7. [​IMG] dude and welcome to the forums, Best intro I have every seen.Did mine late, and had a hell of comical responses from people, thanks for those everyone btw. If your a fan of wrestling, this is the best forum for it,
  8. Loved that segment too! LOLing in all the memories.

    Thank you so much for considering! It's a brainchild of all the old members here (Pretty much new).

    I would love to check out your PS3 fed! I'm just not committing because I live in a dormitory, I just go home every other week. :((
  9. Hey, Sack. I appreciate everything you've done to get me here. Some shameless cred to the man who brought me here, by watching one of my videos. By the way, a little insider. Chops vs. Robbers used to be a Tag Team called Chops and Robbers, so when they got pitted against each other, truly beard would take on mutton chops to see which was best. That match was fun as hell, and had a funny ending aftermath.

    I'm not just a fan of wrestling. It's been my life. Got a wrestling ring in my backyard that me and my Roommate made, so we could break our necks. :haha:


    Lol, funny. Sounds like the rest of our community. It's why we do ten day shows that end up being like fourteen days. We have our slow droughts, but we come back strong. Just wish I didn't palm my face so much. :facepalm1:
  10. nice introduction man :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: welcome to the forum
  11. Nice introduction :shock: Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your time here :boss1:
  12. Awesome intro. :obama:

    Welcome to the forum, Rockstar! I hope you'll enjoy it and remain an active member here!
  13. Cool intro! Welcome to the forums!
  14. Thank you guys, I appreciate the welcomes! I know I haven't been around due to being busy, but I made sure to respond when I could!
  15. Just post what you can :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: hope to see you posting more :emoji_grin:
  16. What he said. :dawg:
  17. Well, luckily right now I am 'cause I have time on my hands. I just want to make sure I stay active.


    I don't want to be forgotten. Evar. :sad:
  18. Great introduction, welcome!

    Awesome using of the smilies, haha.

    Enjoy and hope to see you around! :otunga:
  19. Haha thank you, I try to refrain from using them if they are not relevant. :okay:

    You should see me around, as long as I'm not lazy.
  20. Trust me, this is an addiction.....


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