The Rangers FC situation

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Rysenberg, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Okay, for anyone who isn't already aware of this. Rangers FC are going to be killed. They are going to be liquidated which means that technically speaking, all their players, all their titles, every single one of their owners are wiped from history. They do not exist.

    The reason Rangers FC ended up in the situation they were in is by spending ridiculous amounts of money for players - which they couldn't afford - putting themselves in excessive amounts of debts.

    With David Murray at the helm liquidation was absolutely inevitable. He knew he had to try get rid of them ASAP and attempt to rid himself of the blame. It took him over a year of trying before Craig Whyte came along. Hailed by the media and fans as their "saviour", a "Whyte night in shining armour". He promised that he would do all sorts, pay off their debts, and save them from the trouble they were in, however ....

    Sadly for them, they never realised the guy's intentions, and that he had no way off fulfilling all of his promises. He originally made his money buying and selling shares, he then moved onto property investment he's also renowned for taking endangered businesses, fixing them and selling them on for a higher price.

    Whyte obviously spotted an oppurtunity. He bought Rangers FC for a pound. That's it. He got over 80% control of the company for £1. Did the Rangers, fans, stakeholders or any of their directors look into how he was going to fund all his promises? Not at all. The guy didn't have the 25million or whatever it was that he planned to spend on the club. It was all complete and utter bullshit.

    A few months later Rangers FC entered administration. This was because of them being incapable of paying a 9million pound tax bill that they owed in PAYE and VAT. Thus being handed a 10-point deduction in points and exclusion from any European competitions(Though I think this was because of failure to publicise audited accounts before the set deadline). Unsurprisingly at this point the fans began to lose faith in their knight. After months in charge, the SPL finally decided to dig a little deeper and they discovered that Craig Whyte was not a "fit a proper person to run a football club". Little late guys. Cause by this point Whyte's plans had already suceeded.

    There is a company that was meant to take all of Rangers' season ticket money and gradually give it back to them over a 5 year period: They're called ticketus. Craig Whyte did not pay them the 21million they were owed by Rangers, instead he paid it to the bank so he could pay them the money he promised them he would.

    He had possesion of the majority of Rangers FC's assets, including Ibrox and Murray Park. All that was left to do was kill them off. This meaning that he could sell or lend the assets to Rangers NEWCO. He eventually sold all the club's assets for 5.5 million pounds. Making a £5.499.999 profit.

    So he did that. He will now have to appear in court, but he has technically speaking, done absolutely nothing illegal. He bought the club and sold all it's assets. It may be morally questionable, but it's still legal.

    So, Rangers FC are dead( Yay!), Rangers Newco are trying to get
    into the SPL. To do this they need to have at least 9 of the SPL clubs of the 2011/2012 season in the SPL to vote them back in, so if 4 vote no, they're offski. That's on July 4th and so far, Hibs, Aberdeen, Dundee United, Celtic and Kilmarnock have all came out and publicly stated that they are voting no. So it's pretty much inevitable they will not be in the SPL next year. And rightly so. The issue is that the Scottish authorities have absolutely no bottle whatsoever, and have changed their mind and stated that they will allow Rangers FC to start from Division 1 next year. So after cheating the league, Scottish clubs, European clubs and most importantly the taxpayer, they might only be getting put down one division next year.

    Obviously fans have not taken this lightly and every single SPL club will be holding a protest against NEWCO on the 30th at midday. I will be going to Aberdeen's as they're most local, in my Hibs top of course :emoji_wink:

    Oh and one question that is on the mind of many a fan. Won't this just mean Celtic will win the league easily every single year? IMO it's only a matter of time before Celtic begin to suffer because of this. Give it 3/4 seasons of winning the championship with absolutely no real challenger and season ticket sales are going to slowly decline. Celtic had very poor season ticket sales at the end of their 9 in a row, because the fans had absolutely no reason to go. Eventually winning does get tiresome. This time round it will be even worse, as they're never going to get very far in Europe, and they're guarenteed a league win. They literally have nothing to play for next season.

    So give it a few years when season ticket sales are dwindling, and Lawell has to cut costs a little, then we have a very good chance of seeing a legitimate contender and seeing Celtic toil. Until then though, it will be a foregone conclusion.

    But anyway - The Hibs are having a party... the Huns are in their beds!
  2. Awesome thread, a lot to read but worth it (especially if you don't know the story). Judging by what I've seen of the Scottish FA thus far, all I can say is what an absolute bunch of morons they are. If Rangers get put into Division 1, it will be because of their history. But if a club is liquidated after screwing thousands of people, their history is wiped. It's obvious favouritism from a bunch of Rangers fans in the SFA to be honest.

    As for Celtic, I dunno. Dominating the league means they'll be the top club to attract players, no more Rangers competition. So they'll continue to get the best players around and be able to pay them more (winning titles/cups = earning more money) which means they can finally push on in European competitions. Celtic can gain a lot out of this.
  3. Yeah sorry wrote a bit much, so much has happened and I haven't even mentioned a lot of it - Including the fact we're techinally league champions 2004/5.

    The SFA - well infact all of the Scottish authorities as there are far too fucking many - have been complete pushovers whenever it comes to Rangers FC. It's not a recent thing, there has been blatant favouritism when it comes to absolutely everything that they do for decades. I'm not even going to bother naming them as there has been so much.

    I don't think Celtic are ever going to hold much of a European threat if I'm honest. They're a decent side, however they've already had to cut season ticket prices a bit due to the loss of their biggest game. Fans literally have no reason to get a season ticket anymore.

    It's a bit like if they took away Chelsea, City, Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool( Oh wait, King Kenny has already taken away their threat!) away from the Prem. It would get dull for you as a Man Utd fan and you would be given absolutely zero incentive to watch as sport s boring without competiiton.

    Celtic need Rangers IMO. Otherwise they need to get into an English league.
  4. correct me if i am wrong but the history stays i.e if you looked at SPL winners they would still be listed?

    Just the new club gets none of it!
  5. Yeah I guess so, but the company's records have technically beenwiped I think so they never happened as far as the history books are concerned. Well mine anyway!

    Can I also point out they're still not dead quite yet, that will happen soon though.
  6. Fuck Rangers previous owners, seriously shit like this pisses me off. These idiots are killing football as a whole, it'll not be long before the bottom falls out for more big teams. Make these idiots go to the bottom to show clubs to live within your means.
  7. As i get it they dont get wiped as Newton Heath didint pre Utd days the history is there just related to a defunct club.

    And yes Seans i agree Portsmouth were nearly the first where the bottom dropped.
  8. Totally this.

    The Premier league must be in a risky territory? If Murdoch ever decides to pull the plug on them for whatever reason I have no idea how any of the clubs would survive to be honest?


    Aww I see. Still I'll tell the Rangers fans that as no chance will they look that much into it :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  9. If Murdoch pulled out the prem you would day bye to a lot of tv money which 70% of the clubs rely on bar ur City, Utd (yes debt but that is the Glazers), Aresenal, and Everton.
  10. Tbh most PL teams will go to shit eventually, you have City spending daft money, Chavski are doing the same as are Liverpool. UTD got ass raped when Glazer took over IMO but they're a global brand only challenged by Madrid currently so they could probably survive. Arsenal seem to manage well, IMO it won't be long till one of the big 6 goes to the wall in the EPL, it's a timebomb at this point.
  11. Football has gone to shit as they forgot the main thing bout it;.

    Footy i meant to be a working class past time yet at £45 a game who can afford it?

    Not the true fans. Imean my local side Bury League 2 are 25 a game REALLY?

    Thats where the issue is plus agents it's agent fee's that cost a lot oif a transfer these days which is bollocks.
  12. Murdoch would never pull out of the prem and no league team would be affected even if he did. Sky nearly lost out to the prem this year (and they a lot more this year for it than any other year) to an asian company. Premier league = money. More and more people are watching it each year.
  13. I feel bad for the Rangers fans and would never want this to happen to any team
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