The Rapid Fall Of Jinder Mahal

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Grievous II, Nov 21, 2017.

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  1. The rapid fall of Jinder Mahal

    Its a very interesting piece by the Cageside Crew...

    What do you guys think?

    Is Jinder bound to become a jobber once again?
    or will the Modern Day Maharajah stick around at
    the "top" of the card?

    Have a good one...and I'll see you all around the traps.
  2. I think it's a crap article. Jinder is about to headline in India vs Triple H. You can't hinder Jinder. He's here to stay, whether anyone wants to accept it or not. That's fine, it just helps his heat.
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  3. I doubt you'll see a world title on him again.
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  4. I admit, I have NO Interest in watching him...
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  5. I can't see him being a jobber again, he will likely end up lost in the black-hole with other one and done champs.
    They will stick him on house shows for while to make us forget what happened. lol
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  6. My impression is that they felt that putting the belt on him would elevate him in the eyes of the fans, much like it did with JBL when he first won the WWE belt. JBL was a jobber in singles matches but had been successful in tag teams and quite popular in them as well.

    But JBL had some success. Jinder never did. He jobbed as a singles wrestler, jobbed in tag teams. He was only elevated by getting the title shot. And then when he won the belt, from Orton no less, nothing had really changed. He is a lousy wrestler, not fun to watch and didn't improve one iota from when he was a jobber. Maybe if he put on better matches it would have been different. But he didn't. Jinder as a champion wrestled nearly exactly the same as Jinder as a jobber and that was the problem. How are you the ultimate jobber and you become and remain champion by wrestling exactly the same? Nonsense.
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  7. Well...I have to be honest and say I was happy when the WWE first put
    the belt on Jinder...mainly because it seemed like such a left field move...
    and while I understand it was done to appeal to a foreign market...I still
    liked it. most ideas/choices the WWE have/make...Jinder's reign just
    dragged on for far too long...and his main title defenses were not very
    appealing to watch.

    In fact...the only real highlight in Jinder's reign for me was him fending off
    the Baron Corbin cash-in attempt.

    Now the Styles/Jinder title match on SmackDown was great...but A.J has
    the ability to make most if not everyone he works with look like a million

    I hope Jinder doesn't just disappear after his title rematch (whenever that is)
    but...its hard to know what the WWE will do with him.

    Also...I really like his finisher for some reason...I think its just the name...
    The just sounds epic & somewhat biblical.
  8. And this is why he needs that belt back.
    I loved hearing the wind get sucked out of the crowd every time he hooks a dude for his move. The Pavlovian response to his wins.

    He’s a real heel. The massive denial of his skill by young wrestling fans (present company) is great. It’s like 2000 Triple H. So many BS excuses why he shouldn’t be champ.
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  9. How many wrestling fans on the internet pose this same bullshit argument about one wrestler CARRYING another.

    Sure his match with AJ was great, but he deserves zero credit for it. Smarten up.
  10. I don't know...why don't you tell me...

    No...Jinder deserves 50% of the credit...why would you say he deserves zero credit?

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  11. This article is reaching pretty hard. I think he'll be upper-mid card/Jobber to the stars until creative completely loses interest. He's headlining a tour with Triple H so I mean he's obviously still in high regards with someone in Stamford who knows how long that'll last. The only thing that can be guaranteed is that he won't be a 2 time WWE champion, if creative want to continue the Jinder experiment just put the US title on him.
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  12. LOL, I love when dudes get really catty about wrestling. It's a good look.
  13. HHH seems to have a hard on for him so he be fine, who cares if he is a one and done heavyweight champ possibly, he done it when other better wrestlers never achieved this. Though having two titles for this devalues the achievement greatly imo. Bork has the one that means anything right now
  14. It's a shame that his match with AJ was the one match that showcased the value of Jinder with a belt.

    He's great when he's the big bastard that smaller guys can bump off of. Makes his offence look great and makes for simple but great comeback stories.

    Jinder with a midcard belt doing stuff like that would be just fine. But now he is going to be blamed for bad houses when it is the brand itself that is just not drawing that well (the one guy who has been on Smackdown with any impact on the houses is still John Cena).
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  15. If the writing improves and they book these guys better, absolutely. But both SmackDown and Raw struggle more often than not so putting anyone over right now is a joke. They had other great non-American heels building... Rusev, Cesaro, Sheamus, Wade Barrett (to name a few)... And they managed to screw all them up too. Cesaro and Sheamus are doing fine as a team now but look at all the crap they both had to go through. Rusev is still not being used properly and Wade, well. Ehh. It is a mess.
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  16. I guess that would explain why you act/post the way you do you...

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    A lot of wrestlers fall into oblivion after losing a decent long heel world title run... However I don't think this will be the case with Mahal, I think he will be fine.
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  18. Keep him away from the world title, giving it to him was a huge mistake in the first place. It would have made much more sense to give him the US. championship. Yes I know it would be the same old evil foreigner takes the US title hostage gimmick, but still it would have suited his character much, much better. Plus they could have built him up more steadily, as appose to strapping the World title on a former jobber because Vince likes big sweaty men. I honestly don't know where he goes from here, maybe a US title run in the future, but i doubt he will get anything more then that.
  19. It actually means 'The Finish'. Like 'Done and Dusted' sorta.

    I think the issue with him not really getting elevated was the booking. I mean how many times does there need to be interference? There are better ways for heels to win than an interference. And if he got built as a powerhouse, I feel his run might have been better overall. But WWE is WWE. I think he'll win the US title sometime and stay in the mid-card but not really break into the top anymore.
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  20. Oh...that's cool...

    Yeah...they could have had him win with a low blow or delivering a belt shot to the head...
    but the Singh Brothers just kept jumping in there.

    Its easier just to book the same thing over & over again...

    Especially considering the way he looks...Jesus even Ryback was like:
    "That's not natural" and that's coming from Ryback.

    I hope so...I personally don't want them to Hinder Jinder...