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    Cesaro as a face sucks but he desperately needs to leave Swagger & Colter.
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    That's pretty intriguing. A babyface Cesaro sounds worth a shot, they can put over his highspots more and he doesn't have to talk as much. But if the whole point of the Real Americans was to put Cesaro over in the turn: Fail. Hope they have some kind of plan past that.
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  3. How can you say he sucks as a face when he's never been one in the WWE?
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  4. His appearance and the fact he'll never speak suggests he wouldn't work as a face. I'd keep him as a heel.
  5. I find that funny because it's heels who mostly talk on the mic, not faces. And judging by promos he's done in the past, he is alright.

  6. Why does he need to split? Its a great team and Cesaro needs someone to talk for him. The face turn would be pretty cool.

  7. WWE are intent on using The Real Americans as jobbers, Cesaro deseves better. And how can he turn face but stay as a racist American? lol
  8. I didn't say he was going to be in the team if he turns face, I just said the face turn would be pretty cool. They aren't being used as jobbers, A few losses doesn't mean a jobber, Cesaro is pretty fresh in his WWE career, Its been just over a year and he has had a long US title reign, It takes a while until you get some major push.

  9. It seems they lose to the Usos or PTPs every week. At least they've stopped jobbing to Tons of Funk. Los Matadores will probably defeat them soon.

  10. Well fuck man, let's take your EXPERT opinion over the WWE. Yeah you're the man with the plan. :pity2:
  11. I never understood why he went for the WHC instead of the US Championship (Jack Swagger by the way)
  12. It's worth a shot. I was finding it weird that Cesaro got a face spot, and I really don't like him being with Swagger (I like the team and I think it's Swagger's right spot on the card but Cesaro should be wrestling lenghty singles matches more often) so why not try.
  13. Actually Claudio Castagnoli was a pretty good face back in the day.. I'm sure he would be a great babyface in WWE as well.
  14. I would enjoy face Cesaro.
  15. I wouldn't enjoy face Cesaro. I think he is probably not gonna be a good face. I like the heel he is.
  16. I think he could work as a face, just have him beat the shit out of people. His moveset and spots are definitely mark worthy (forearm, giant swing etc), he consonantly puts on great matches and also has a great look. I don't even think he's THAT bad on the mic.
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