Boxing The real 'Chinese Ivan Drago'

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  2. Looking him up on YT seems like he is going to get picked apart by anyone with decent foot speed. His body is going to get pounded like a drum

    edit: I imagine he would find more success in MMA
  3. From what I can tell, he's pretty raw at the sport as far as competing goes, so going to MMA over boxing at this point would be ideal rather than waiting to see a boxing career falter out.
  4. I think MMA or K-1 would be his best bet. His hand speed didn't look that great and he doesn't look like he knows how to set up his punches that well. They say his background is muay thai, which makes sense.

    He should stick to kickboxing and study tapes of Sammy Schilt. 6'11 and one of the best kickboxers in the world, but doesn't move like an exceptional athlete. Just learn to work tight and come behind a big strong jab that hits you like a bull

    I just think HW boxers have too much foot and hand speed for this guy. The fight I watched was against a complete hack who punched himself out and Dong still didn't outclass him
  5. Found a vid of him kickboxing

    seems a lot more comfortable
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