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Grievous II

Man...I really want to go on a picnic now...

Or at least hide in some shrubs & watch
Becky & Charlotte on a picnic.

And I wonder why I can't look at myself
in the mirror...
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ur booty is heavy duty like diarrhea
Would love to see Stef fight Stef.. She Would Still Cheat to Beat her Self :emoji_slight_smile:
she's gonna have to if she wants to defeat the creator of women's wrestling and best female performer on the planet. One way or another, it would definitely have to be a 1 match PPV called "Stephalution" which opens with video packages of her basically just humiliating the entire roster by slapping them one by one before telling them that they're just a bunch of nobodies. Then, after a 7.5 star barrier breaking match, the show ends with a heartwarming Stephanie McMahon tribute video to send us off with a bunch of fireworks while everyone’s giving both Stephanie’s a standing ovation. Later that night, WWE.com would make it official that Stephanie McMahon is indeed getting inducted into the HOF as their headliner! Would you believe it?! :steph:

I don’t know about you, but I can actually feel Steph slobbering all over herself right now. She knows someone on the internet just pitched the best event ever
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