The Real Madrid Fans Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Baraa, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. Hope I'm not the only Madridista here :silva:
  2. Well I live in Madrid , I go every single Sunday to the Santiago bernabeu , my grandfather played for two seasons in the Real Madrid , my cousins play in the Real Madrid ( the junior one , not with Casillas , Ramos and so on )
    Well I guess I can consider myself a madridista :yes: :yes:
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  3. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  4. Re: RE: The Real Madrid Fans Thread

    Yeah I'm jealous now this sounds awesome
  5. CR7, Pepe, Mourinho, Carvalho, how could I not like Madrid :otunga:
  6. Real Madrid fan reporting in. Kinda depressing saying that atm though.
  8. Do you like mou as madrid's trainer ?
  9. HUGE Real Madrid fan since 1995/96.
  10. Hey madrid fans FUUUUUUUCK YOOOU :lol1:
    16 POINTS BITCHES :kiss:
  11. :gtfo:
  12. Yeah we suck , nine champions leagues and awarded as the best team of the XX century :upset::finger: go away loooossserrrr
  13. Ugh, keep the lame rivalries to PM's. We have quite mature football fans on here and those things don't happen here, lol.
  14. hey do ya know what happened at real madrid vs real sociedad this afternoon? fuccing adan ...
  15. I once got warned on a wrestling forum for flaming a Hearts fan :emoji_slight_frown:

    Oh I hate Barca so I should fit well itt.
  16. Was so ironic. He leaves Casillas on the bench and then his replacement keeper gets a red card in 5 minutes.
  17. Yeah i dont know what is worng with mou... it looks like if he is gonna be fired
  18. Two theories:

    1) He WANTS to be fired. This seems incredibly likely.
    2) He's trying to motivate his players. Casillas has been fucking terrible this year, but he's their most senior and "powerful" player. Mourinho is sending a message and showing the rest he's the boss and that he drops who he wants, so they can't let their performances drop.

    He's lost a few players in the dressing room, but the majority are still behind him.
  19. I guess things are going bad, we are no longer the team that everybody is afraid to face, last year was so much better for us..

    I will have to go with your first theory @crayo , as the reports are strongly suggesting he is leaving by the end of this season :sad:

    I guess he don't want to pay the contract clause, and that's all he thinks about right now I'm afraid.

    Hope I'm wrong but if this shit keeps up, Man U will the rape the hell out of us :cry:
  20. To be honest it doesn't surprise me he wants out. I thought our press here in England was bad, but it's nothing compared to Spanish press. It makes it so much worse that he managing the most famous club in Spain with the largest fan base, it's just pressure and probably not worth the stress. I honestly don't expect the European form to change for Madrid, they were still pretty awesome in the group stages whilst these problems were still existent.

    The players and the manager will up their game for the United game and I still don't really expect United to win, it all depends however. Mourinho needs to leave, he has love for England and without his passion Madrid will suffer. Ronaldo from the looks of things wants to leave as well, which is no shock to me.
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