the real name game

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gav back in the championship, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. ive come up with a little gane to play on here basically i put up a wrestlers real name and you have to tell me who it is

    For example i put dwayne johnson you would answer the rock let me no if u want to play it
  2. Adam Copeland

    it's so simple
  3. edge haha that war gunna be my 1st 1
  4. John Cena :troll:
  5. John Cena.

    Paul Wight?
  6. The Big Show

    Mark Calaway ?
  7. The Undertaker

    Phil Brooks
  8. CM Punk
    Jason Reso
  9. Christian.

    Paul Levesque.
  10. HHH

    Glen Jacobs ?
  11. Kane

    Mark Calloway
  12. Undertaker

    Nicholas Nemeth
  13. Ziggler

    Bryan Danielson
  14. Daniel Bryan

    Celeste Bonin
  15. Kaitlyn

    Anthony Carelli ?
  16. Lol Santino.

    Matthew Cardona
  17. Zack Ryder.

    April Mendez.
  18. Hope none of ya'll are googling, be legit homies.

    April, see I thought that was Kaitlyn but I'm obviously wrong so I'll guess that it's Layla or something. Or AJ actually.
  19. It was A.J (I remembered because her DVD was released earlier) & Yeah, I'm not cheating.
  20. brock lesnar

    Brock lesnar

    Kurt angle

    Kurt angle
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