The real sin cara?

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  1. Who is the real sin cara, there's like 2? hunico is the guy from that tag team that feuded with ted dibiase. and why is their names mistico and hunico instead of sin cara? who is mistico anyway, is he also in wwe as someone else like hunico was? wwe is rlly confusing nowadays.
  2. Mistico is Sin Cara. Hunico was pretending for a story-line, when in reality they used him to cover up for Sin Cara being suspended, but it ended out being a work.

    Mistico is a massive Mexican draw.
  3. who's mistico though? when sin cara debutd he was just sin cara. where'd they get the mistico from?

    That should help.
  5. The real Sin Cara is a guy who was a huge draw, really popular in Mexico until last year, then WWE hired him for a lot of money, didn't put him on FCW and brought him to the main roster right away. Now he botches a lot and can't even speak english.
  6. Hunico was originally Mistico in the smaller areas of Mexico whilst Sin Cara became known as Mistico in the bigger Mexico city area. This lead to Hunico becoming known as Incognito. The story they ran had the Mexico city Mistico as the real Sin Cara whilst Mistico from the smaller areas also known as Incognito became Sin Cara 2 eventually becoming the black suited version.

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  7. Not sure if this is good or bad for the character. I also have no idea where hunico went. last i saw him he was in a feud with ted dibiase because he wouldnt invite him to his parties.
  8. Hunico jobbed to Brodus Clay on last week's Smackdown, and he and Camacho scored a victory over the Usos on the latest edition of WWE Superstars.
  9. oya i remember that match. i skipped it tho cuz hornswaggle was in it.
  10. Now that you said it, I should have done that.
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