The "Real" Story of Christmas

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  1. I do a lot of research into "religious" beliefs and traditions. Not many people know where Christmas originated from. None of this is meant to offend people of different beliefs, just to share some knowledge to thoughs who believe Christmas is about Jesus.

    Throughout the bible, pagan beliefs, festivals and the corrupt system were under the name of Babylon. It started in Babylon of ancient Nimrod, which shows just how long people have been celebrating "Christmas". Nimrod, the son of Cush, grandson of Ham, and great-grandson of Noah, was the founder of the Babylonish system that has since took over the world. This system is man-ruled governments and empires that are based upon the competitive, profit making economic system. Nimrod built the tower of Babel, ancient Nineveh, the original Babylon and many more cities using this system. He was responsible for the world's first kingdom. Nimrod actual means "Marad: in Hebrew, which means he "rebelled". See Gen. 10:6, 8-12. Nimrod was very evil and corrupted. It is said he married his own mother whose name was Semiramis. After his death, his "mother/wife" propagated this evil doctrine as a symbol of Nimrod's spiritual being. She claimed a full grown tree (EVERGREEN) appeared overnight from the dead tree stump, which symbolized new life from Nimrod's death. Each year on Nimrod's birthday (December 25th), she said Nimrod would visit the tree and leave gifts upon it. That is where the origin of the Christmas tree started. Through her wise tales and scheming, she became Babylonian "Queen of Heaven" and Nimrod, under many names, became "divine son of heaven". Thru generations, this idolatrous worship, Nimrod also became the false Messiah. He was known as "son of Baal", or "the Sun-god". Both Nimrod and Semiramis became idolized and worshiped. This worship was spread world wide. The names varied in different countries and languages. In Egypt it was Iris and Osiris. In Asia, Cybele and Deoius. In pagan Rome, Fortuna and Jupiterpuer. Even in Greece, China, Japan, and Tibet, the counterpart of the Madonna is to be found, long before the birth of Jesus Christ. So, during the 4th and 5th centuries, the pagans of the Roman world began accepting the new popular "Christianity" by thousands, carrying on the traditions and old customs by merely covering up the real names with Christian sounding names.

    Every year around Christmas time you will hear "Silent Night, Holy Night" being sung. This actually came from the "mother and child" theme which celebrated Nimrod and Semiramis. This along with many other songs and Christmas traditions were passed down over generations and we are taught only that it is a Christian holiday, when in truth, it is pagan idolatry. When we celebrate Christmas, we celebrate idolatry, that is Nimrod and Semiramis. If I'm not mistaken, there is a commandment against this.

    Other traditions explained:

    Mistletoe - was used at this festival of the winter solstice because it was considered sacred to the SUN, because of its supposed healing power. Kissing under the mistletoe was celebrating the death of the "old sun" and the birth of the new at the winter solstice.

    Holly Berries - were considered sacred food of the "sun-god".

    Yule Log - is in reality the "sun log." "Yule" means "wheel," a pagan symbol of the sun. Yet today professing Christians speak of the "sacred YULETIDE season".

    Candles/Lighting - is encouraging the waning sun-god to reach the lowest places of the sky. There are used as a beacon, or guild.

    AGAIN! I am not pushing people to believe what I do or offend anyone. Just thought this was worth sharing. A history lesson of ancient text, if you will.
  2. Is this in the bible?
  3. A lot of it is. The story of Nimrod is. He was worshiped as the sun god. It even says not to cut down a tree...

    "Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen . . . For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a TREE out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not."Jeremiah 10:2-6

    Like how did they slip this past the Christan and Catholic churches! lol
  4. What's exactly in the bible? (Already told you I don't believe in religion cause of Science.)
    Is it just stories of the son of god?
  5. Science has become a religion. lol I would get into explaining it but just know "religion" is not always about believing in said "god" or "gods" a god doesn't have to be present for it to be a religion. I don't buy into religion and don't have one. But thats a whole nother topic.. lol

    But anyways... The story of Nimrod is in the bible. If you do a history search on Nimrod, he was later known as the "sun god" which is why people put the star on top of the tree. Nimrod was on the earth way before Jesus Christ was said to be. Christmas is pretty much a recycled pagan holiday covered up with stuff from the Christian belief system and the Catholic religion. Santa Clause was St. Nicholas, a Roman Catholic bishop who lived in the 5th century. He was a saint honored by the Greeks and Latins on December 6th. His legend of his "gift giving" to underprivileged children in secret; This was later changed to December 25th, thus, we have Santa Claus. Coca-Cola marketed all of this and made the story. They didn't plan on it being this big.
  6. Ahhhh, I thought Christmas was just Jesus's birthday.
  7. I just think its crap that they do stuff like this. They have tricked so many people with these "holidays". Even atheist are celebrating holidays that are in honor of ancient gods and goddess' and don't even know it! This isn't just about the Christian belief but everyone's beliefs. I do a lot of reading into ancient text and all that and when I want to find something out I do. I just asked myself last year... Christmas has all these traditions.. But why? And I found out. lol
  8. lol :nope:

    No one knows the day Jesus was born. It wasn't in the winter. Bible historians believe it was sometime in September but no one knows the date.
  9. Are you mad at people celebrating holiday's without knowing the reason? :urm:
  10. lol no not at all... I just figured people would like to know what its about. I learned about all the holidays. I am planning on not celebrating any of them anymore after this year. I just don't think my family will be too happy. lol
  11. I'm guessing until you get kids, than you'll probably start celebrating again.
  12. Not likely. I can't lie to my kids like my mom did to me. I plan on celebrating a thanks day in December. Just getting together with family and having dinner and just being thankful for having each other in our lives. Like Thanksgiving I guess, but not about the land or anything like that. Just family stuff and being thankful for each other.
  13. I have a feeling people are going to take this thread the wrong way... lol
  14. :harvey:

    As long as they get presents, right? :vince:
  15. I am undecided on that. There's pagan crap in that too! I am not sure what I am going to do yet. I have a whole year to think about it. I know my mom wants my husband and I to have Christmas Eve... But I think I may make it a sooner day and not call it Christmas anything. lol
  16. Thanksgiving Extended Version.
    Best name ever.
  17. :yes:

    Minus the Indians the pilgrims and the land and with snow, hopefully, and maybe some lights because I like lights. Just not tree or fat man! Or turkey... Maybe turkey..idk
  18. - Family Dinner, Bowling or Movie?
    - Feast and Main Course is...(Meat?)
    - Presents?
  19. Young Gohan :yay:


    I am thinking like a family dinner of some sort and starting a new tradition. might find a way to incorporate gifts, not sure yet. My Nana always made cheese ravioli on Christmas Day from scratch... I probably wont do that lol Maybe a Chicken roast or something.
  20. Young Gohan? YOUNG GOHAN! :bully:

    Get your facts straight, he's Teen Gohan. This is Young Gohan.


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