The reason for Cena's absence on RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Mar 13, 2013.

  2. Exactly why I thought he hadn't shown up and it was a pretty good show. It gave more time to other rivalries and the promo they showed for their match was pretty good as well
  3. I like the week off of Rock/Cena. It makes me excited to see what they do next.
  4. Might as well take a day off at WrestleMania, or have their match a dark match :otunga:
  5. Dude your sig is definitely orton rocking makeup in a bad light :lol1:

    I'm glad they took a week off, like from said it means more time for other rivalries to build, we already know what we are getting into with cena/rock. Watching Raw in a couple hours, should be good.
  6. Hate your sig, LOVE your user title!
  7. :mad2: The usertitle is the only one that hurt to put up.
  8. So they thought the show would actually draw without Cena? Interesting.

    If they didn't want to bring attention to the champ not being on the show, they shouldn't have put the belt on Rocky
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  9. That's pathetic imo.
  10. Gotta give you credit for manning up though :obama:
  11. He and i are having our rematch at WM, i plan on not fucking up this time. I'm going big, i will be the one who gets the bonus point to make him last place, and me 2nd to last :obama:
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  12. Cena's and Rock's disappearance leads basically to no build up. It be funny if they keep doing this untill Mania. It will be feud with no build up whatsoever...
  13. It really doesn't need much build if any. It has all already been done. It's two babyfaces, one champion the other not who faced each other last year with one coming out on top. Now the other guy wants his second shot to prove that he is just as good. The fact that the other guy now is champion only sweetens the deal.
  14. The video package they showed was the best thing about this feud so far. So IMO it was better than actually having them there.
  15. Cena should get more time off to be honest. If the Rock can hold the belt and not be there every week, I think it should only be fair that other wrestlers get time off too. Not all at once but here and there.
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  16. This years main event it's not gettin enough build up to make us interested "if that's possible"
  17. Makes sense to me.
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