The rebirth of AJ Styles?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Mar 11, 2013.

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    Get ready to fly?

    As I already posted in a news thread, AJ Styles will return to Impact TV on Thursday. But what does that entail for AJ?

    Anyone who has watched Impact knows that they are planning something new with the character, but it just isn't clear as to where it was meant to go, but last night may have shed some light on it. With last nights turn by Bully Ray hankering back to and paying homage to Hulk Hogan's heel turn at Bash at the Beach at least in my mind the direction AJ's character will go seems a bit clearer. AJ can do a Sting.

    It seems likely that AJ will once again save Impact from destruction and reclaim his position atop the mountain. And he will do so as a more dark character. The similarities to Sting's character shift are there, walking out on the company, refusing to come back to help, the camera trying to follow him takes the place of the vignettes and the beard takes the place of the face paint it seems. AJ is standing at the threshold of reinventing himself, it's just up to AJ to take the plunge.

    Do you see this as happening? Or will they go another route with this?
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  2. That's a pretty cool idea Stopspot. AJ returning as a darker, outsider-type character to save the company from Aces and Eights? That sounds amazing.

    It seems like he'll either come back as either a rebel against the company that turned their backs on him, or he's just at rock bottom in his career and doesn't know who to trust anymore, losing his mind and not caring, then eventually gets his confidence back and wins the World Title.

    We have no idea, which is awesome. And there's no reason not to be optimistic.
  3. It's either this or Hogan and Sting training Joseph Park ala Rocky Balboa. Which in itself would be hilarious. But these are the two gusy I remember who have beef with Bully.
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  4. I tend to agree with this. And now that TNA has cut most of their PPVs, The rule about AJ not having a title shot until Bound For Glory this year doesn't seem so bad anymore. He'll probably only wrestle at Slammiversary and BFG anyway.
  5. Honestly he shouldn't wrestle before BFG IMO, it's a chance to be a big moment for the company it needs to feel special.
  6. If we are completely going Sting with this I'd have him pick his side at Slammiversary. Setting up the big match with Bully at BFG.
  7. I agree he should pick his side but do it in an attack like uncensored imo, not a match.
  8. Yeah. Say Bully beats Hardy/hogan/Sting at Slammiversary. Ray goes for the post match attack, cue AJ chasing Bully off. And before this we have seen Aces and TNA both vying for AJ's favour.
  9. Bully could definitely cut a great promo trying to seduce AJ. He could talk about how they've kept him down, how him being unable to challenge for the World title for a year is unfair. How A&8's are a family and take care of their own etc.
  10. I am going to drop my two cents, and you can hate me for it, but it's solely my opinion. He is a great talent, he really is. But I think he's been holdin the same gimmick for far too long now (since 2003?), and it really is doesn't matter anymore to me. He can go to distance, but for me he isn't someone I can say: "Wow, I watch TNA because of AJ Styles." He seems to be unable to reinvent himself, and also unable to adjust with times, and really is struggling to get a decent push. I stopped carring about him since 2008. You can hate me on this, but I really believe the guy is unable to reinvent himself, and literally unable to adjust to something new.
  11. He's reinvented himself in the past few months though.
  12. Let's see how long it lasts.
  13. Whilst I'm pumped at the thought of this idea, I simply can't get it out of my head how good this could have been. Imagine AJ coming back to save TNA from an actual threatening group? A group that has held the company hostage and are seemingly unstoppable. Then AJ can return and save the day but not because of the respect he has for TNA, but because it's his company, and not theirs. He takes a darker more anti-hero role, and refuses any help the super faces try to give him.
  14. I don't understand why Aces & Eights lose all of their matches. Same thing that ruined Nexus.
  15. I suppose they could use this to their advantage, the aces sole purpose wasn't to win matches it was to cause a big enough distraction for Bully to win the title, right? Now the group has achieved that aim they can focus on dominating the company now.
  16. With Bully Ray as the president, Aces & 8s actually look credible now.

    And Bully vs. Styles have a great chemistry and their both main event stars, so I wouldn't mind seeing this. AJ showing off the new tweaks on his character would be dope.
  17. Would be great to see. Could see them not doing it for Hogan to challenge for the belt though. :dawg:
  18. Full Sting, lol. Does that mean he is going to become invincible and drop entire herds of goons one short back handed chop at a time?
  19. Wait, does he have to win the world title to get this done?

    So this storyline's gonna last until BFG?
  20. I think he should start competing soon and training to get his title shot in Bound For Glory
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