The Reckoning.

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  1. How big of a fucking let down is this. Sting. Jesus christ, he is going to ruin the whole deal. They should have Kaz, Daniels, Roode, and AA all heel together to heel vs aces and 8s heel stable. It would be Russo-mania.

    Seriously, Sting? I know their is another post about it. This is awesome.
  2. Heel stable vs heel stable? Unlikely.
  3. Oh god, thanks for your contribution and how you would rather see it. That was enlightening.
  4. Stated what I wanted to see in my aces and eights thread, thank you for reading.
  5. Link or it never happened.
  6. I'm one of the few here who just doesn't mark when I see Sting, I really dislike the fact he seems to be the guy to end big storylines.
  7. Re: RE: The Reckoning.

    I agree with the second aspect and I mark for the guy.
  8. Exactly, drag out A&8s, and give us new Roster members for future. Dont kill it with sting vs Devon for little/no reason. I explained it before. Sting is great, i just want young talent being over, not old injury prone assholes. (asshole like mr anderson asshole)
  9. Seabs is "a sting guy"
  10. Re: RE: The Reckoning.

    Other way round soldier.
  11. I'm a Stinger mark too and will mark when he comes back, but one return a year by Sting is getting boring lol.

    Sting, Kurt and Joe will probably find another two youngster to have a battle with them vs. An8's at Lethal Lockdown, so if those two are really youngsters, I'll be happy man.
  12. Re: RE: The Reckoning.

    What is the name of that youngster with the glasses, you know the one who says brother occasionally? Anyway I'm hoping it's the Robbie, hear me out they're both incredibly goofy but could get over as that kind of face for me, especially little Robbie.
  13. "seabs" is a sting guy.
  14. Sting should sue Devon for stealing his bat. Park would be Stng's lawyer. Imagine that angle. :obama:

    I would be some badass booker, no question about it.
  15. Id hire you, that's for sure.
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