The Remasking of Kane

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by LetMeTelYaSumthinMeanGene, Apr 15, 2014.

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  1. I didn't watch wrestling from about 2007-January of 2014 and unfortunately, I missed out on the remasking of Kane. Now I know I can look up videos on YouTube of it, and I will, but I want y'all to give me the rundown on everything that happened with that. When did it happen? How? How long? And what is your opinion on the whole thing? Seems like it should have been somewhat of a big deal.
  2. When I posted that, I had no idea that Kane had grabbed his mask the night before on RAW. I have the show taped and I am watching it now-about 30 minutes after I had posted that thread, hahaha. How funny
  3. lol, the Kane remasking. Well, it was a truly horseshit angle, I'll tell ya that much. Kane was badass... for about one interaction with Cena. I remember the first time he ran away in the middle of a brawl, completely undermining this idea that he was re-releasing his inner monster. The entire angle was based on Kane forcing Cena to turn heel (Cena teased heel turn #932) with the "embrace the hate" tagline, but it fell into some weird love triangle/C rate horror movie with Eve Torres and Zack Ryder. it probably sounds like I'm making the last part up, but that's pretty much how it went down.

    tons of hilarity was had though, Ryder was great as the scorned bro.
  4. Yeah, scorned Ryder was hilarious. That part with the wheelchair when Cena and Eve kissed was great stuff :lol1:
    But seriously, basically, Henry took Kane out at one point. Then, months later, during a Henry/Cena match, theme played and kane came out with his mask. I marked hard, still remember watching it live. Then he got to the ring and... Chokeslammed Cena for no reason, granted, that one show was badass. D'Z covered the fall of the character pretty well already.
  5. Scorned Zack Ryder? Sorry but I have no idea what that means
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  7. You missed out on a great era when Kane first unmasked then re masked. And now once again hes re masking I think its awesome
  8. I remember the angle, it was nothing but filler/fed to Cena. WWE hasn't utilized Kane well since his debut. This Director of Operations thing could've been awesome too, but again, it's practically nothing.
  9. They utilized him pretty well after unmasking him in 2003, too. The feuds with Rob Van Dam and Shane McMahon both delivered and succeeded in reestablishing Kane as a monster again. Unfortunately, after losing to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania XX, he went back to his regular jobbing. Shame, because if it wasn't for Raw being centered around Evolution back then, he could have had a great reign as World Heavyweight Champion in '03.
  10. Nah, I was watching when he unmasked and he had all that black shit on his face, and RVD was in the ring with him. I was like 12 years old
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