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    *The Amazing H’s music hits. He walks out onto the stage wearing his ring gear, but he isn't his usual bubbly self. He walks down to the ring, microphone in hand and enters.*
    The Amazing H: I’ve been gone for over a week now after my match with Jason Frost never happened because of Des Pierson. He tried to take me out. Why? I don’t know... He is suspended yet he still came after me in particular it seems.
    *H pauses.*
    The Amazing H: I’m not going to lie to you people, you’ve been here for me since the beginning so it’s only right that I be truthful to you. Since losing to Lukey at Night of Champions, I have felt drained... Empty... I’ve began to wonder if this is even worth it any more. I’ve been doing this for years now and everywhere I’ve been I’ve never been able to capture the big one... Or even the slightly smaller one, I guess. What I’m saying is... I’ve been thinking about quitting. I’ve always been the guy who’s hung around with the big guys, but is just not quite as good as them, and I realise this. I know this is true. I’ve known this for a long time. I’ve had many friends in my years of doing this, some that are long gone, people like Aleks Frost, Fireshock and big Tony. People who have always given me some of my best matches like DarkThunder... Hell, even people who I still consider friends today, like Lukey, and people I don’t see too much any more but still consider friends like Jet Starr and his brother Bryce...
    *A “no!” chant begins.*
    The Amazing H: I’m here tonight to say that I have made a decision... And at Wrestle Dynasty in October, I will be retiring for good...
    *Boo’s begin to break out around the arena.*
    The Amazing H: But that’s still five months away! I have a lot to do in such a short space of time and I plan on getting all of it done. I promise that by the end of the year I will have held a championship, I promise to put on the matches of my life each and every time I step inside this ring and I promise that no matter what, I will be... Amazing... So, what’s first on the List of H? Des Pierson. I have a list of things to win and people to beat and you, by attacking me have jumped to the top of that list. So, Des, get out here right now and let’s settle this!
  2. *As Des' music hits, some cheers can be heard here and there, however the boos seems to overpower them by a long shot. The crowd, as well as the Amazing H, wait in anticipation for Des to step out onto the stage but it doesn't happen. Instead, walking out to even more boos, is Terra Hayze, the manager of Des Pierson*
    *As her music replaces that of Des, Terra casually struts down to the ring a grin on her face as H just stares back at her. As she climbs the steel steps, a crewman is quick to hand her a mic. She then gestures for him to get up on the apron and hold the ropes open for her, to which he obliges. The music then dies down as Terra raises the mic to her mouth*
    Terra: Well-
    *She is interrupted by the loud boos of the people in attendance, forcing her to lower the mic. She looks around at the crowd, mouthing the word "Really?" over and over as the boos continue to go. Eventually she releases a "Whatever" as she turns her attention back to H*
    Terra: Hammett, there is no need to bore us with your sob stories. You could have very easily just got around to the point without crying and trying to make these people feel sorry for you when you are talking about ditching all of them. And you reason.. because you are incapable of winning the big one. But no, that would be too quick for an attention whore like yourself, huh?
    *Boos echo once again as the insults are flung in H's direction*
    Terra: Anyways, Let's just get back to the point. You want Des out here, right?
    *H shrugs and nods his head to Terra, a "Yeah" escaping from his lips. Terra then points around the arena*
    Terra: You people want Des Pierson out here, right?
    Terra: Well, that just sucks, doesn't it?
    *Boos once again fill the arena*
    Terra: It sucks, because the board here for Exodus has decided to ignore my reasoning and, therefore, have decided not to lift Des' suspension. So it looks like you, Hammett, as well as the rest of these people are just going to have to wait until the board changes their mind.
  3. The Amazing H: Well... That sucks. Remind me again though, who are you?
    *The audience cheer.*
    The Amazing H: Sorry, I don't want to sound rude but generally when speaking about Des, you're always the one doing the talking. Are you like his girlfriend or... I dunno, minder or something? If you are, then you aren't doing a very good job. I mean, he attacked me after all, and you're trying to get him unsuspended? Jeez... Good luck I guess.
    *The Amazing H walks over to the ropes to exit the ring.*
    The Amazing H: ... But... I do want to fight Des, and well... It's me after all. You know, the attention... Seeker... I may be able to help you out there little lady.
    *The Amazing H exits the ring.*
    The Amazing H: Oh, and when you see Des, tell him i'm going to break his legs. Thanks!
    *The Amazing H turns around and begins to walk up the ramp as his entrance music plays again. The camera fades to black.*