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The Artiste
*We see a large man get out of bed and walk into the bathroom. static begins to show and then we see the man fully dressed standing in front of a mirror the clock in the top right of the video has moved on by three hours and he changes clothes five times before he finally leaves, he nods before he leaves through the front door of his house. The camera now shows a scene at a bar, the large man is sat with one other patron at a table both have drinks on the table in front of them. We hear the bar door open and the large man gets up from his chair. Reaper walks on screen towards the large man*
Reaper: Ben calm down I'm not here to fight you.
Ben Song: Why the hell are you here then 'cause I know it's not for the drinks.
Reaper: I lost to Todd. I had to retire cause of my injuries. We can't let him roam around without someone to put him in check Ben, we just can't
Ben Song: I accept under one condition. You take my friend Kimono here under your wing and train him.
Reaper: That can be arranged.
*Ben Song shakes Reapers hand. They both leave the bar with the third man rushing after them. Ben turns around and grabs his drink, finishes it and throws the glass at the window before all three men rush off as the bartender comes out of his store screaming at the men*
A week later.
*Exodus has just reached it's second hour as Ben Song shows up on the titantron. He is shown sitting on the roof of a building. He is wearing a shirt with his logo on it as well as some shorts he stares at the camera*
Ben Song: I took my loss to Bobby quite hard. I turned to alcohol and began needing it more and more, until I found a friend. Kimono he helped me out of a dark time in my life but now that I left him with Reaper I don't have anyone to help me. So I decided to try and channel my anger and sorrow into fighting. My first target, Luis Alvarado. The prize. Iron Man Championship. Luis, watch yourself and book some plastic surgery 'cause you're not gonna look so pretty when our match is over.
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