Kayfabe The Return Of Rose (Open Challenge for Week 7)

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As the crowd are cheering just coming back from commercial of the show from week 6 the lights dim and the crowd fall silent, there's a slight pause and suddenly the lights go up and music blasts from the PA system.

Patrick Young: He's back! That's the music of Connor Rose! Anthony, Rose is back!

Anthony Pederson:
I never thought I see the day, Rose underwent a brutal assault from our current United States Champion, Damien Cortez.

Connor Rose finally steps out on the stage with a completely reinvented attire. He is wearing tights and new boots with a different slightly longer haircut than before. On the stage he begins to nod before raising his head and smiling, he shouts out loud "I'm back baby!" before the self proclaimed 'most diverse cruiserweight in the world' starts pondering to the fans. He runs down the stage high-fiving fans and soaking in the cheers. He finally makes it into the ring with his microphone.

Connor Rose: It's so good to be back, Washington DC! I must say, that's one of the biggest pops I've ever heard in my career for myself and it's from an American crowd, safe to say you missed me?

Connor chuckles to himself before pondering to the audience a bit more.

Connor Rose: I will admit to you all, I've missed you too but more importantly, I missed wrestling and even more importantly, I missed my chance to become United States champion and that is a wrong that I am soon to right. Damien Cortez. I want you in this ring, I don't care when, but I want you and once I'm done with you, I'm taking my rightfully earned United States championship match at Gauntlet of Champions and I don't give a damn who the champion is.

The crowd fell silent knowing how serious Connor was, this was a side we were yet to see from Connor until now.

Connor Rose: But, right now, I want a match, however, sadly my return was as much as a shock for management as it was for you therefore, I haven't been booked tonight. Although, that's fine because it gives me more time to train for my in-ring return where I am challenging anybody. Next week, I'll take on any comers and I will give you 100% before I smash my elbow through your skull or break your face with my shin and then I will take my win with pride before I set my sights on MY United States Championship.


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