The Return of WWE Forums Fantasy League!?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jan 15, 2014.

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    The Return of WWE Forums Fantasy League!?
    I would like being the WWE Forums Fantasy League back we use to along time ago since there a no brand anymore I have a new way doing it.

    We still have Draft and can have up to 3.1 main event, 1 mid card, and 1 woman wrestler.

    We have the draft ever month again again but u can keep you 3 stars or you can get rid of 1 or 2 or all 3 and then enter draft, If u keep ur stars u don't enter new draft. You can also trade stars for forums cash or anything u can thing of put on tables but if this have been you half to give then ur and you don't trade a wrestler then ur wrestler go free a. if it a main event it it go on wive and will not be able to be pick until a set day were the 1st one who make the claim on it get it.

    Points on Smackdown win 2 and if you lose on u lose 2 points just b/c i SD guy, Raw Point for wins are 1 and if u lose am match on Raw u lose 1 point! PPV win you get 3 points if your is champion and keep it you get 4 points if he lose by dq but keep title you get 2 points. If you wrestler wins a title you get 5 points and if he loses to the champion you lose 4 points. I would like be the guy run this if @Crayo will let me do it? But I am open for other rules to be add in? Though anyone?

    also at the end of the month if you have the most points you win some forums cash. and get a barge of being WWE Forums Fantasy League Champion of the Month!

    @Seabs , @CM Punk , @Stopspot , @Senhor Perfect
  2. Why did you tag me?
  3. so people get there though on it.
  4. Personally I like the idea of a WWE Fantasy League,
    The general layout you have seems very intriguing I think with a few tweaks I would definitely be down.
    I'm just not sure how it would work though if a large number of people wanted to do it how would the distribution work out.
  5. we did it back in 2012 and it was working for alway. when @Dat Kid run it. i think can work it time to bring it back.
  6. cool idea.:obama: but all things depends on the BOSS !:cole:
  7. Son uh ma gun... I just asked about this. LOL
  8. Well if everything gets planned out good, sign me up homes.
  9. we need more then one person.
  10. obviously lol

    That is why I said to let me know if it takes off. Get in talks with a few members who know how to pla stuff like this out and I am sure a bunch of people will want to be a part of this.
  11. You can sign me up.
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  12. that was the point of this thread.
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  13. TLDR :kiss:
  14. I tag @Crayo in the thread to begin yet he never replay nor any other mod did who knew about the thread guess there not in to it?
  15. @Dat Kid help a brother out. lol
  16. Oh no, I'm not doing this thing again
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  17. Whelp. I tried. lol
  18. why not? I do the legs work on it and run it.
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