Kayfabe The return of Yuri Black


The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
*The rumoured new theme song of Yuri Black's hits, leaving the crowd stunned of the return of Black, loud cheers echo around the small arena with everyone on their feet*

*As the theme song plays out for a few seconds the one and only Yuri Black appears on stage with the crowd roaring with more cheers and chanting "Black Is Back". With a smirk on his face, Yuri deeply inhales and begins to walk down the ramp with his arms waving getting the crowd going even more. At the end of the ramp, Black runs and slides under the ropes and stands at the second turnbuckle with his hands in the air. Black then jumps down and asks for a microphone and waits for the crowd to settle before he begins to speak. The crowd continue to chant "Black Is Back" whilst Yuri is trying to calm them down, after a few seconds they calmed down and gave the Yuri the chance to speak*

Yuri Black: BLACK IS BACK!

*The crowd then begin to roar once more chanting "Black Is Back" whilst Yuri begins to laugh*

Yuri Black: Alright, Alright I'm done now. So many of you know I have been selected to be in the "Golden Opportunity" match at Duality. two more are to be revealed in these coming hours. I did state I'd be gone for quite some time and well I did but a bit longer, but being called up for a chance to be the number one contender for the soon to be Precision World Heavyweight Championship is hard to turn down. So I thought why not return and start over with this new revamped show.

Yuri Black: We all know I don't have the greatest luck when it comes to getting close to title matches, for example the Tag Team Championship didn't turn out well. Being placed into a number one contenders match against Will Nelson for the World Heavyweight Championship didn't turn out too well, then again I was distracted by a certain someone.

*The crowd begin to boo at the one who costed Yuri the match*

Yuri Black: And.... Being placed in the Intercontinental Championship Gauntlet match in which I couldn't even compete in due to Injury. So out of all of those examples you can all see a pattern of bad luck, I've never been able to capture a title after all those chances, the question is, what makes me feel I can do it this time?

Yuri Black: Some of you may think whilst I've been away I've been lazy and had a great time off, but trust me this "time off" was one of the most hardest things in my life, I've been adapting, changing and also working my ass off in that gym day in day out. Finding my true self and since that time off I have finally found that Yuri Black that was trapped inside of me and hell it's going to take me to the top and win this match at Duality!

*The crowd again begin to cheer*

Yuri Black: As for the two champs, Jack and Will. Look out as I don't care who wins the match between you two it won't stop me from claiming that title. Will we've collided twice and both times you have put me away, one of them might I add was a distraction from your old phony friend Michael Kelly. Jack, I've never been face to face with you in that ring so I don't know what I'm expecting if you win your match, but all I can say is don't expect an easy challenge.

Yuri Black: To Lyle and the other competitor, don't get your hopes up because...

*Yuri signals his catchphrase for the crowd to join him*

Yuri Black & Crowd: Black Is Back!

*Yuri drops the microphone as his music hits again with the cameras fading black*

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