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  1. *The Camera fades out from the intro and shows the Exodus arena while zooming in on the fans that have brought signs or those who are chanting. The commentators appear on the jumbotron to address the fans about a rumor that has been floating around the internet the past couple of weeks*
    James Defto: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Exodus with my partner Patrick Evans and myself James Defto.
    Patrick Evans: Here today we will all find out if the rumors of Ben Song's return were real or fake.
    James Defto: Who knows mabye the man himself will show up and shed some light on the situation?
    *The commentators are suddenly interrupted by someone's entrance music*
    (OOC: start from 0:12)
    *A briefcase is thrown onto the ramp, the camera zooms to it, on the briefcase are the words 'blasphemous no more'
    Ben Song appears from the curtain and picks up his briefcase' walking to the ring he catches a microphone thrown his way by the referee, Ben climbs into the ring and stares at the crowd who are still cheering for the man returning from injury*

    Ben Song: I'm back with some news everyone.
    *The fans quieten down as Ben begins to speak
    Ben Song: Now, as a gnome I once knew used to say "Lets get right into the news". First of all your probably wondering what I'm wearing, well this is that new gear I was talking about I had it made specially for Warrior's Way. *Ben turns to the hard camera* Cheap plug, but that's not the most pressing thing concerning you is it? I know what worry's you, it's the hair isn't it? Now I know what your thinking "You didn't pay money for that did you?" ,yes I did thanks for asking, but trust me guys give it a week or two and it'll grow on you I promise. Wait a minute. Is there something I'm forgetting?... Oh yes the 'dreaded' Webmaster. I almost forgot to talk about the guy who put me on the shelf due to just how irrelevant he is. Anyway I'll skip the thick of it to save your time. Webby just get out here apologize like a man and crawl back to you secluded mountain home or wherever you've moved the Disciples to.

  2. *The Webmaster makes his way down the ramp with a microphone clamped in his fist*
    The Webmaster: Ben what happened to you? You were once a mighty fearless leader of the Disciples but then it must've gotten to your head because you've become soft.
    *The Webmaster goes to enter the ring but then jumps off the apron*
    The Webmaster: If you want a match at Warrior's Way then I'm ready to fight you, but right now you probably have other things to attend to.
    *Reaper blindsides Ben Song hitting him in the back of the head with a sledgehammer Ben Song then gets up slowly and is hit with The Scythe (Psycho driver) by Reaper. The Webmaster then gets it the ring and picks up Ben Song and hits him with the Spider driver (Dudebuster) both The Webmaster and Reaper stand over Ben Songs prone body as Reaper breaks Ben Songs briefcase with his sledgehammer*
  3. *Ben Song begins to move and wobble to his feet after Reaper and The Webmaster disappear backstage, A couple of referees help Ben to his feet and hold him up as he speaks*
    Ben Song: Todd! Since you love Reaper so much that you seem to be joined at the hip, How about we go balls out and make him the enforcer for our match at Warrior's Way?
    *The fans cheer*
    Ben Song: Well it looks like the fans like the idea so I guess you're gonna' get a unfair advantage. Well to quote a beast "Let's do this"
    *Ben Song is escorted to the back by a group of referees, The fans chant Ben's name before it cuts to commercial