Kayfabe The Return

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  1. *The screen fades back into normal and the arena and the crowd are silent as the camera pans around... Al Blizzards theme hits and he walks out onto the stage in a sea of cheers, he stands on the stage for a while, and for once he is sporting some aviators and a leather jacket, he walks to the ramp whilst shouting*

    Al Blizzard: I'm back! Yeah, I'm back!

    *He climbs into the ring and puts the aviators on the top of his head and receives a mic*

    Al Blizzard: Well, I'm back!

    *The crowd cheers*

    Al Blizzard: I want to stand here for hours but I'm going to keep this short and sweet, I am back for this night only, I'm too injured to compete for more than one match this year! But, c'mon it's the Mega Show! I have to be here, it's the biggest show of the year!

    *The crowd chant 'Me-ga Show, Me-ga Show' and Al chuckles*

    Al Blizzard:
    Yep, I'm going to be their, in a triple threat match and to the guys that are in it too! Good luck! And please don't go after my injured leg and injured ribs! Please!?

    *Al's theme then starts again as Al walks out and the screen fades to black*
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    Damn, if i had known i'd have gone after the ribs and legs! I should have read this earlier XD.