News The Revival continue making moves like they’re leaving WWE

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It wasn’t long ago that Scott Dawson was tweeting about wanting creative control while Dash Wilder was outright deleting his account (though he later brought it back). With how WWE has treated the group on-screen, at least following talk of the duo turning down big money contracts and even asking for their release outright, the feeling for some time has been The Revival will be leaving the promotion when their contracts are up.

Now, there’s more evidence that seemingly supports that.

Indeed, PW Insider is reporting the team has filed trademarks for the following:

  • Top Guys
  • Say Yeah
  • No Flips, Just Fists

That sure makes it seem like they’re preparing for life outside of WWE, wherever that may lead them. All things considered, that may very well be for the best, what with the philosophical differences between the two sides when it comes to what pro wrestling is or should be.

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