The Revolution Terrorizes Hardy!

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    Tag Team Championship: The Revolution vs The Wolves (Jan 7, 2015)
    Everything seemed to start between The Hardys and The Revolution on the debut episode of IMPACT WRESTLING on Destination America. In a Tag Team Championship Match between The Revolution and The Wolves, The Hardys stood by and watched the match unfold into an uneven matchup that morphed into 4 members of The Revolution beating up The Wolves. The Hardys sick of what they were seeing came to the defense of the outnumbered Wolves, which may have been the moment The Revolution put a target on The Hardys.

    Jeff Hardy Lays out a Challenge to the Monster Abyss (Jan 23, 15)
    On January 23, 2015 in a one on one match between James Storm and Matt Hardy, things yet again became lopsided in the favor of The Revolution when James Storm ordered Abyss to gather up Janice and finish Matt Hardy. Jeff Hardy enters to stop and tired of seeing these events unfold he lays out a challenge to the Monster Abyss...

    Monsters Ball: Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss (Jan. 30, 2015)
    As expected during the Monsters Ball match things got out of hand when The Revolution joined Abyss in the one on one anything goes match. Matt came to help however him and Jeff were not enough to face them, it took The Wolves, who were helped my Matt and Jeff only weeks earlier, to put things back in order and allow Jeff to get the win over the Monster Abyss.

    The Hardys face the Revolution at Lockdown (Feb. 6, 2015)
    In one of the bloodiest and most brutal days of the year for IMPACT WRESTLING, Lockdown, The Hardy's faced off against the Revolution consisting of Abyss and James Storm. In predictable fashion Storm and Abyss were joined by Khoya (Mahabali Shera) and Manik who allowed for Storm to perform an act that put Jeff Hardy out of action to this date.

    James Storm Interrupts Matt Hardy and Lays Out Two Options (Feb. 13, 2015)
    Last week on IMPACT WRESTLING, Matt Hardy addressed the fans in Glasgow to give an update on the condition of his brother Jeff Hardy but was interrupted by James Storm and The Revolution who gave Matt an ultimatum to either join the revolution or join his brother Jeff in the hospital. Not to go down without a fight Matt chose the latter but vastly outnumbered things did not look good. Just when it seemed bleak, The Wolves, who seem to have made an unwritten alliance with the Hardys, came to the aid of Matt setting the stage for a fight between The Wolves with Hardy against The Revolution. Though given the history of The Revolution and their unfair tactics what are the chances of it continuing to be a fair fight? Tune in this week for IMPACT WRESTLING to find out.


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