The riddle thread.

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  1. Since it's a trend at the moment, why not post a riddle, when it's solved you move on. For example:

    My riddle (an old one, please don't google): What gets wetter as it dries?

    Once answered, post a new one.
  2. Ice cube?
  3. A towel?
    I'm going to sleep now so i'll leave you with this :
    A man lives on the twelfth floor of an apartment building. Every morning he takes the elevator down to the lobby and leaves the building. In the evening, he gets into the elevator, and, if there is someone else in the elevator he goes back to his floor directly. However, if there is nobody else in the elevator he goes to the tenth floor and walks up two flights of stairs to his room. Why does he do this?
  4. Take for note I started this trend!
    Your Welcome everyone!
  5. I know this one but won't ruin it :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Yo momma!
  7. I actually have no idea...

    And yes it was towel :emoji_slight_smile:.
  8. Feel free to answer it. =)
  9. Still trying to figure it out. I refuse to google!
  10. Is the man like really small and can't reach the higher floor buttons, so he asks whoever is with him to do it?

    Only one I can come up with. Or that he has OCD.
  11. The bold is correct :biggrin: .
  12. WOOOO!

    What goes up and down stairs without moving?
  13. A carpet.

    One day Detective Bryan wants to visit his relative in town. He finds the door to his friend's apartment is not locked and he enter the room. He sees a shocking view, his friend lying on the table dead with a puddle of blood under him and on the table there is also a book and a napkin. He sees a tape recorder on a nearby table. He presses play and immediately hears the following message:

    "Bryan, I knew you would be the first one to hear this and since you were my best friend in life I feel I should tell you. I just can`t handle living any more. I do not want to live any longer. Then Thompson hears a gun shot and a body fall on to the table. Furious, Thompson is sure that his friend was murdered and didn`t commit suicide. How does he know?
  14. If he was dead, how could he have rewinded the tape? Someone else had to do it.
  15. Right :emoji_slight_smile: @[The Doctor] Time for you to put a riddle.
  16. An easy one.

    Halo of water, tongue of wood
    Skin of stone, long I've stood.
    My fingers short reach to the sky
    Inside my heart men live and die.
  17. Earth?
  18. Blood?

    Edit: Scrap that.

  19. A towel does!