News The ring of fire match stip will be...

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  1. Pwinsider.

    WWE doing a fire based match whilst being sued by the family of a woman who died of pyro smoke? Call me intrigued.
  2. Absolutely awesome that they're going this far to keep Bray Wyatt entertaining and relevant. This will be a fantastic match.
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  3. It will be a damn nice visual with the fire. And if it goes like I think it goes with Bray beating Kane, sending him off to shoot his movie. Then it will be even nicer with the flames dying down as Bray stands over Kane.

  4. If history is any indicator it will probably be a super slow and boring match. Kane's moveset is limited enough without taking away his one top rope move or running the ropes.

    but yea, fire, woohoo, cool visuals and the like.
  5. The Kane/Taker inferno match was horrid. I doubt this one could be any worse.

  6. The entrances and the first minute or so will be amazing, but after that wears off it will be tedious to sit through. Not complaining though, I'm sure this match will do more for Bray Wyatt than a 'better' match without the stipulation would.
  7. I'm excited about this match tbh. Wyatt in his debut match will face Kane in a Ring of Fire match, simply great imo.
  8. For anyone who hasn't seen it, this is the original & best inferno match

    it's pretty boring
  9. Kane was the only one with sleeves, so obvious he was taking the loss.
  10. The entire match is just corny and painful to sit through.
  11. It was a pretty boring match, it's true, but I enjoyed it tbh. I liked inferno matches because they were exciting and dangerous
  12. I was excited for that PPV. Was recording it on my VCR, thats right VCR, and was SO disappointed. I know they had to keep safety in mind, but the height of the flames made no sense, they didn't always flare up at the right time, and when he finally put his arm in it was so terrible. 4/10.

  13. Even as a 6 year old kid (who also recorded this PPV on VCR, thanks Dad) I was like wtf, Kane just lit himself on fire on purpose wtf

    so bad.
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  14. It reminds me of those stunts on TV, like the dude tightroping across the Grand Canyon or David Blaine trying to hold his breath for 15 days.

    People just tune in hoping something will go wrong. When nothing does, it was just a boring waste of time.
  15. I'm very excited for this, match quality won't be great but what this does for Wyatt is awesome.
  16. Bray's character isn't the type for an actual regular drawn out wrestling match so this will be fitting,however, while it may be good for his character the match itself probably won't be that great.
  17. Personally I liked how they used the whole inferno match thing with MVP. After he lost, him and JBL talking shit about Teddy and stuff like that.
  18. No way, the ring of fire stipulation is gonna be inferno? Who knew.
  19. Welp since no one else is gonna post it...
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