The Rise And Fall Of WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Mar 5, 2015.

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  1. Who knows, 3-5 more years of making the same mistakes that WCW made and this type of documentary might actually become a reality lol.
  2. lol 3-5 years
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  3. Doofus patrol in high gear I see.
  4. Hilarious. lol
  5. :lol1: That was pretty funny.
  6. 'The Rise And Fall Of TNA' might hit the stores soon, too. (A helluva lot sooner than WWE's DVD ever will)
  7. lol What rise? Their's should just be called The Complete Failure Of TNA.
  8. I assumed that DVD already hit the stores
  9. That was really good
  10. I'll never understand why TNA is so universally shit on. Sure, it is fun (I guess for some) and I understand the bandwagon effect.. but they put out a solid product for a lot of years with some amazing matches and grew to be the #2 recognizable wrestling company in the country. People literally go out of their way to take pop shots at the company and it seems pitiful.

    I don't mean to defend TNA, I only really followed the product for like a year tops, but damn, why do people feel the need to constantly piss on the company? At least they provided guys with some sort of secondary option to WWE, which is what we need more of. God forbid ROH or Lucha Underground become bigger, you will all have to start shitting on them nonstop. It's probably already started with ROH, since they have signed some ex-WWE/TNA guys. LOL ROH
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  11. I don't actually have a big problem with TNA, it's just fun to take harmless pot shots[​IMG] at them on occasion. Besides, it's quite hypocritical for people to constantly make fun of a huge company like WWE and call it "dogshit", and then get all thin-skinned when people decide to knock TNA as well.
  12. Big difference is people like you and many others don't even watch TNA and still feel the need to shit on it randomly. At least when I shit on WWE I have an idea of what the product is like.
  13. I've seen a few episodes in the past, actually, but that's beside the point. I don't need to watch the product for weeks/months/years on end to get a general idea of what it's like, all I need to do is read and hear about it.
  14. If you say so slick.
  15. Where exactly do you "read and hear about it"?
  16. From reading forums like this one and others as well as lurking places like Scott's Blog Of Doom (a blog run by a wrestling columnist named Scott Keith), etc. I've also read a lot of Lance Storm's rants in the past on his website about some of their inane booking decisions.
  17. Well as DZ pointed out this site has an abundance of people shitting on the product for no reason what so ever, so that makes no fucking sense to listen to them. Scott Keith is a reliable source, imo. Not exactly sure on Lance Storm who even Jim Cornette has said that he has a really old school wrestling mentality (Ironically).

    I recommend you watch their shows from this past Summer. It changed my mind and I hated TNA (Only started watching because of GN82).
  18. Hahaha, this was fantastic! :otunga:

    Kinda eerie to see just how comparable the WCW hate is. Wonder how much footage they pulled from the Monday Night Wars series on the network since every time I watched it, all I could think of was "yo Vince how can you say this stuff and not look at your own damn product"
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  19. More 20 years from now, but not bad, props actually, you captured it pretty well
  20. Actually watching for the first time - lol @ DB mark
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