Kayfabe The Rise of Rhys

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  1. After a commercial break on Saturday night Precision, a camera is focused on a golden royal throne in an otherwise empty white room. Rhys is seen slowly walking to the chair with the only sound in the room being the echo of his squeaking shoes. He proceeds to slowly sit on the chair and ignores the camera... A few seconds of silence pass and Rhys jolts his head to face the camera.

    Rhys: "Oh hey... Didn't see you there..." Rhys says while blatantly lying to the viewers, he winks at the camera then flicks his blue hair. "Oh man that was so BAD!" Rhys now laughs at himself while leaning in closer to the camera.

    Rhys: "Hello everybody! I'm Rhys, Rhys Haze. I've finally made it here in Precision and i'm here for 3 specific reasons. One: I want to inspire all my fans. Two: I want to wear some gold around my waist, and three: Money." Ignoring what he just said with an awkward pause, Rhys continues his introduction. "I respect almost everyone in this company, but i'm now here to make an impact. My talent is unseen and unmatched and I want every single competitor on this roster to witness my greatness.". "This Saturday I go up against Will Neilson in the first match of the championship tournament, win or lose, i'm bringing the fight to him. From what I've heard hes a tough guy but i'm ready for anything that the guys backstage challenge me with. This is gonna be a fantastic debut match for me and Will." Rhys points two fingers at the camera and looks down them like the sights of a gun. "Don't miss this."

    Rhys leans back into his throne as his lifts his legs up onto the arm of the seat and lies there, with his hands on the back of his head. The shot fades to black as his theme plays quietly.

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