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    *Chris walks out with immediate intent on something before his theme can even start*
    So Will and Rhys think they can just walk in and start attacking me and Tony? Ha what fools! I'm too good for either of you lets just be honest here, but enough about that little moment we had. Rhys you honestly want to step in the ring with me another time because the last time I checked you haven't actually beat me through and through, you've never got me down for the three count and you're sure as hell not going to either.
    *Chris starts pacing up and down the ring, looking like he's slowly going insane*
    That match that we're having is gonna be inside a hell in a cell. You know what that means? Intense, hard hitting action and you're sure as hell not walking out of that match on your own two feet because I'm gonna super kick that pretty little face off that stupid little head and oh as for Will you haven't even stepped in the ring with me yet you seem to think you can talk like you've completely destroyed me. Well guess what, it's me who does the destroying here...
    *Giving a little sadistic smirk, the cell lowers around the ring and Chris gives off a high pitched laugh. He then stares up at the ramp awaiting Rhys*
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  2. Antonios music hits which makes Chris looks pissed but Antonio doesn't appear on the stage

    After about a minute or so Antonio is under the ring and quickly appears from underneath, he is accompanied by Alex

    Hiiiii guys, how you doin? Ohhhh Christopher didn't you would be here. Why on earth are you doing? You should not be in a hell in a cell match you are too dangerous I want you to leave with Mr Alex here, get in the car and go home. You don't even deserve to be in a cell
    *Chris seems to look pissed off and looks at Antonio and then Alex*
    Sir, Please Come with m

    Before Alex can finish Chris hits a superkick on Alex and nearly takes Alexs head off
    What the hell, he was trying to help you, I'm trying to help you we're meant be partners and you just superkicked my friend, ugh you're so annoying sometimes but anyway we need a little plan for this Hell in a cell match becuase yeah you might be seven foot tall and all but we actually need to do something
    Antoniolooks down at Alex and looks back up
    You know what
    Before Antonio can finish he gets interrupted by a familiar theme
    Oh for god sake
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  3. *The Last Heroes theme music hits and they walk down to the ring with Will giving Rhys a piggyback. He helps Rhys up to the ring and stand there staring at Antonio and Chris.*

    Will: *Pokes Alex* He's ok right?
    Rhys: I mean he looks ok, I think I can make him feel better.

    *Rhys picks up Alex and hits the Pele Kick on him, once again knocking Alex to the floor.*

    Will: OOOOH! My turn! My turn!

    *Will now picks Alex up and hits Game Over (Swinging Jawbreaker). Antonio is now looking like he just got delivered a Pizza with no toppings on.*

    Will: Aaaaaaanyway! Didn't you hear the news my friend? Me and Rhys are in the Money in The Bank ladder match, and you are not! Hahahahahahahahahahaha....ha..ha. Onto the serious stuff now, yes we are in the ladder match and trust me we will be working together to grab that briefcase. It doesn't matter if I win, it doesn't matter if Rhys wins, all I can say is whatever happens in the ring, stays in the ring.

    Rhys: Will is right. It doesn't matter which one of us wins! Trust me my friends, one of us will WIIIIIIN! I can see that tensions are getting high between you two.... so I brought some refreshments.

    *Rhys pulls out two chairs and two bags of popcorn from underneath the ring, he sets the two chairs up and him and Will sit down. They open up the popcorn and start eating.*

    Will: Go ahead! We're waiting.... OOOOH Salted Popcorn aswell... my favourite flavour.

    *Antonio and Chris are not very happy bunnys, they are clearly Pissed. One of them grabs the nearest microphone and starts talking.*
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  4. *Chris walks past Will and steals his popcorn, rolls out the ring and walks off, as everyone turns around Chris sticks middle fingers up and walks out of site*
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  5. *Antonio looks like a drip standing in the ring no partner and just an Alex to help him*
    What the f*#k is going on, what the hell are you doing killing a poor innocent man. HE HAS A FAMILY DAMN IT, Good Ole JR, but seriously he doesn't know what to do, you two are 'Anarchist' SCREW YOU ALL
  6. *Chris suddenly walks down the ramp and goes into the ring with a hotdog and a snickers in his hands, gives Will a hotdog and begins to eat the snickers*
    Sorry Will, I'm not me when I'm hungry, but thanks for the popcorn. I thought I should repay you with a hotdog.
    *Chris walks out and Antonio quickly grabs a couple of chairs and knocks down Will and Rhys while they're distracted by Chris' antics, while they're both down Chris grabs the hotdog and starts beating Will with it. Will sells every shot like a champ*
    Goodnight and enjoy the hotdog
    *Chris and Antonio walk out with huge laughs from the crowd*
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