Kayfabe The Road To My Revelations...

Discussion in 'Royal Wrestling Kingdom' started by DemonHunter1257, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. The Road To My Revelations (Uploaded to RWK.com)

    Another VHS like video fades in but is very grainy. The same HUD is seen and once again the battery is critical. A faded light shines upon the chair that seems to be in the exact same position as the last video by Blizzard. Blizzard or we think paces back and fourth just behind the chair, He then sits down on the chair but looks down to the floor.

    “You know what RWK is? It’s a road trip… A road trip to the hell that lies beneath the halls of the gracious, the good, those suck ups. I am no suck up… I am a lone wolf, the lone wanderer of these… desolate lands.”

    He chuckles to himself a little again seeming to be losing his sanity but he then looks up with what seems to be bloodshot eyes.

    “I have seen something… something that many men wish they could see or not, something that will scar you and do something to you that will… weaken you but it didn’t weaken me, it made me stronger, much stronger. I am different well, a different side of me is stronger.”

    His left arm starts to twitch but Blizzard grasps it with his right hand and it ceases and he starts to talk to himself.

    “Not yet my friend, not until when we discussed…”

    Blizzard sighs slightly, seeming to be glad that the ‘Other side of him’ isn’t released, not for now at least.

    “Well… what have I seen? Well I will tell you. I have seen the future of me and RWK. As many have said, since I got injured in that huge gap of six months RWK has got… darker and I guess that this demon I have trapped or captured inside of me will fit in mighty fine to this, new RWK. I am ready for it to take over and I am damn sure he is ready to be out and free.”

    He starts to twitch again.

    “I am sorry, Mr Jack is eager to show himself to the people of RWK and it’s universe.”

    He starts to laugh hysterically as if he was back in the school classroom and someone dropped an eraser and to everyone it was the funniest thing you’d ever seen.

    “He is very eager, y-you may even get to witness… ME!”

    As he finishes his sentence he shoots up out of the chair and flips it, he turns to something behind him and a thud is then heard as something is flipped to the floor as well.


    Blizzard or maybe even BlackJack screams in what sounds like agony but visually isn’t.

    “You banished me for eternity, NOW YOU WILL PAY!!”

    The voice now goes from a smooth Blizzard voice to a demonic, sadistic voice.

    “I have returned! And you will all pay!!”

    The former Blizzard then turns to reveal a masked face, the mask black and what seems to be red stitches on the mask, the figure then paces toward the recorder and pushes it over, it crashes onto its side and BlackJack is seen pacing out of the room, the door slams and the camera crackles and cuts out but a voice is heard seeming to be transmitted through muffled walkie talkie but is translated very poorly from what is heard through the crackles.

    “Don’t *Crackle* I can only control him minimally *Crackle* It's hard to keep him under control, I can but only for now, He will take full control soon and I won't be able to prevent it, I hope you all survive..."

    The video then cuts out.
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