The Road to Wrestlemania (2013)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Anyone else excited for this?

    Usually the most entertaining time in WWE.

    We have the Royal Rumble which is a fun match, the Elimination Chamber which is kinda brutal or used to be and finally Wrestlemania which always has that great vibe to it.

    The night after Wrestlemania until Extreme Rules has been good as well.

    During this timeline we get to see new feuds build and appearances from the past.

    So what can we expect?

    - For one we will be seeing The Rock weekly or almost weekly.
    - Brock Lesnar will soon become a regular on Television as his contract is almost up and he has 20-25 dates left.
    - The Undertaker's Streak
    - A Royal Rumble Winner which could be a new star built in the making
  2. How do you know how many dates Brock has?
  3. He signed a contract with 35 appearances an I'm guessing he's made around 10.
  4. Sure, I guess it'll be good. Rumble match, winner, EC, WM being a big deal and all, it'll be nice.
  5. Re: RE: The Road to Wrestlemania (2013)

    Wait when was it confirmed he had that many dates? Just seems very guess worky imo plus why not spread them out a bit more?
  6. I'm not certain on whether it was confirmed cause I read it a long time ago.

    The plan was to use all the dates left and sign him to a new contract when his current one ends with more dates.
  7. So he hates being on the road but would allow them to condense at least half his dates into 1 period? Just seems odd imo
  8. It's a 1 year contract, so I think once a week isn't that bad.
  9. Re: RE: The Road to Wrestlemania (2013)

    Still he hated it so I doubt he'll be on every week bar the last month before Mania, possibly bi weekly before.
  10. Possibly.
    But if money is a factor, I doubt he wouldn't mind.

    35 Dates = $5, 000, 000
  11. True, you can't deny that they've saved almost all of Brock's dates for RTWM, so that'll be good.
  12. Hopefully Undertaker has hair. :dawg:
  13. I'm pretty sure Brock's contract was 16 dates, not 35. Because they mentioned how it averaged out to 2 dates per month and it was originally said he would compete at eight different PPVs. That's why he was used very sparingly during the Summerslam build, because they wanted as many dates as possible not just for WM but for possibly the Rumble and/or EC in case they wanted to jump start his Wrestlemania feud at either of those events.
  14. Never heard of 16 days before.


  15. 16 sounds a lot more likely to me.

    And yeah defo, RTWM is about the only time worth watching in WWE if I'm being honest.
  16. The period when WWE makes somewhat of an effort to make entertaining television, nice.
  17. Excited for this period if the RR is good I will be excited so much for WM!
  18. Should be more entertaining than usual.
  19. I hope he'll show up this coming Monday.
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