The road to Wrestlemania 32...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by alexb, Jan 11, 2016.

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  1. Even though this more of a PPV topic, I thought I’d start this thread in the General WWE section since it’s more of a theoretic discussion in which I will try to break down the possibilities available starting at the Rumble and moving towards Wrestlemania 32.

    Starting with the Royal Rumble, I’ve come to realize that more and more people are jumping on the idea of Triple H being the last man standing and winner. This is an idea that I too pitched a while back and quite frankly, it’s one that makes a lot of sense in so many ways, mainly serving as a logical continuation to the current storyline leading to the long awaited Triple H vs Roman Reigns match at Wrestlemania. It’s just what’s best for business and it’s simply the best way to go for WWE in order to reach their ultimate goal. Granted, Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns vol.2 also sounds just as appealing, however I don’t think it serves the greater purpose simply because with Lesnar on one corner, you’d have a big portion of the crowd cheering for him instead and we all know that WWE wants the direction to be focused on the other corner. With HHH instead, you know he’ll take all the heat and you’ll have a minimum 95% (if not 100% but, ok, there are plenty of Roman haters so being realistic) of the crowd and WWE universe in general behind Roman. It’s really that simple I think and that should pretty much cover it as far as the Wrestlemania main event goes.

    Now, with the way things are being set up, this Royal Rumble has the potential of being really BIG. With the stakes even higher than usual, there is no doubt WWE will throw everything they’ve got in this event, from all the big names on the current roster to any possible returning superstars for surprise entries. It’s not just the hype of the Rumble itself folks because at the same time you’re looking to build and/or create feuds that will lead to Wrestlemania. So get everyone involved…except Daniel Bryan.

    Ok, hold your fire!!! I’ve said it before, I too like everybody else want to see DB return but I also explained why I think WWE won’t bring him back just yet and at least not for the Rumble match. With DB in the Rumble, yes, the crowd will go bananas but at the same time they’ll be cheering for him to win and that a) will take the focus off Reigns b) could mean another trashing of the show; for the past two years, the Rumble has received major booing so one would think WWE have learned their lesson. Taking it a step further, this perhaps could be the reason as to why WWE are so persistent on holding off this long awaited return and using the health issue as an excuse. Therefore, no Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble but that doesn't mean no retuen at all. Be patient and continue reading…

    Now, as noted above, I have HHH locked in as this year’s Royal Rumble winner so everything that follows is based upon that scenario:

    Brock Lesnar: Well, if he ain’t winning the RR, who will eliminate him? In my opinion, there’s three ways to go: you either give Kevin Owens or Bray Wyatt that rub, or you have a returning Batista do it. The way I see it, these ar three viable options WWE has in order to make it, say, believable that the beast got eliminated and it also gives us some interesting opportunities for Wrestlemania. If the latter were to happen, you could have the Beast vs Animal type angle. If not, Kevin Owens vs Brock Lesnar or Bray Wyatt vs Brock Lesnar also sound just as good, the common denominator in all three cases being they are fresh ideas and stuff we definitely haven’t seen. Though my initial idea was Brock vs KO, the more I think about it these days, the more Bray Wyatt (and the whole family for that matter) seems to fit better in this picture and especially from a promotional standpoint, it certainly has the potential of a moneymaker. If I were to agree with the opinion that KO hasn't been built for such a match and if Batista returning sounds like a long shot, then I guess Bray Wyatt sounds like the more realistic option for Lesnar.

    Moving on to Kevin Owens, there’s of course the Intercontinental Championship storyline that he’s involved in and based upon the latest that took place on Smackdown, it seems like we are in for a Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens title match at the Royal Rumble with some kind of stipulation. Falls count anywhere? Maybe a Street Fight? Well, something along those lines and here comes the tricky part. What do you do with Owens in this match? I mean, it’s rather obvious what WWE are trying to do with him but at the same time, if you have him win, that would kill Dean Ambrose’s momentum, wouldn’t it? But if Dean Ambrose wins, the whole push KO is receiving lately, all that build up, goes down the toilet. So what can WWE do in order to preserve both Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose’s momentum and have both look strong at the same time? Well, one way to do it is through interference in their match and if that were the case, I see Y2J as the best candidate to do so. He goes after Ambrose (there’s some history already involving these individuals) and basically costs him the match, thus setting up their match at Wrestlemania. Jericho vs Ambrose sounds pretty darn good to me plus a nice way to have Ambrose eventually go over.

    So KO is our new IC champ. He gets s his belt back and goes on to defeat Ambrose yet again at Fastlane because of course there has to be a rematch. They obviously do another great match but eventually KO will again stand tall. The following night on RAW, KO cuts a promo, he talks about himself, how life is good…whatever and concludes that basically there’s no one left capable enough to challenge him. This is MY title, blah blah blah and out comes…Daniel Bryan; see, I told you to hold your fire earlier. So there’s your big return of Daniel Bryan and it’s rather fitting that he returns now and goes after KO because let’s not forget, he never lost the IC belt, did he? And there you have it, another great Wrestlemania match. Good story and good timing as well for WWE because this way they avoid having DB in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture, thus avoiding any conflict of interest with Roman Reigns and, well, I’m sure the fans would dig it and be cool about it.

    How about the Undertaker? Well, with Cena out of the picture, I feel there’s pretty much two routes WWE could take. Either a dream match with Sting if possible health wise or he goes against the Rock. As of now, the latter obviously seems more realistic and I for one don’t really care about what the talk is regarding the Great One and whether he’ll wrestle or not. With the potential of a 100.000+ capacity crowd, I’m pretty damn sure the Rock will be pumped to wear his wrestling gear and have a go just so he himself can claim he was actively part of the most historic Wrestlemania ever. As long as the booking is right, I see no reason it can’t happen and this is really why I am easily dismissing the Rock vs Brock scenario; not exactly safe to have Rock against Suplex City whereas an experienced and more slow paced Undertaker could work. Both are as experienced as it gets and could certainly work with one another to give us a good match plus you really don’t need too much of a story to make it happen. Now, if Sting was available, that would be just as awesome and pretty easy to do: just have Sting in the Rumble as a surprise entry and, well, he eliminates the Undertaker. But again, realistically, Taker vs Rock seems more likely to happen…

    Then there’s the US title. Again, Cena’s injury changes everything and as of this writing, it appears that Kallisto will get a title shot. The question is, does he beat ADR and have a run or does ADR stay strong and retain? With Sincara out, Kallisto is going on a single’s run anyway so I guess it’s up to WWE to decide whether they give him a title reign or not and while I’m ok with it, I somehow feel that ADR will stay champion. If that were the case, going into Wrestlemania, why not have John Cena come out and challenge ADR yet again. Hold on, I know Cena is injured but him being on the DL doesn’t mean he can’t show up that night; it’s not like he’ll be all banged up and hospitalized at the time. Believe me, he’ll be there. So, how does Cena challenge ADR? Simply by convincing him to issue an open challenge of his own, similar to what happened recently on Smackdown, only this time it wouldn’t be any Kallisto answering the call. “Ok Juan, you think you’re better than me? You think I’m afraid? Let’s do this esse. I challenge anyone… ” And out comes…Kurt Angle. Now wouldn’t that be a moment? And wouldn’t that make for a very interesting match?

    If not Kurt Angle, how about…MVP? Ok, this is really a long shot but I always felt this guy had great potential and WWE really dropped the ball with him so why not give him another opportunity?

    Wrestlemania Host: Shawn Michaels


    Triple H vs Roman Reigns: WWE WHC

    Brock Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt (or Batista)

    The Undertaker vs The Rock

    Dean Ambrose vs Y2J Chris Jericho

    Kevin Owens vs Daniel Bryan: IC

    Alberto Del Rio vs Kurt Angle (or MVP): USC

    Now, obviously that's not all and I haven't mentioned anything regarding potential NXT guys making their main roster debuts or the New Japan PW guys that are coming in (my only idea for now is that we may see the NXT boys getting involved in the Tag Team Championship matchup since as of now we're pretty much left with the USO's for New Day and that's gotten boring already). I also haven't mentioned anything about the members of the League of Nations or the Divas but my main focus for now was the big time matches that each and every one of us are anticipating for Wrestlemania and my goal was to try and utilize every big name available in order to create what I feel is a card with lots of potential. It's still a work in progress so I'll be updating it...
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  2. I see the card as this...

    HBK as host

    Brock Lesnar vs The Rock w/ Stone Cold as special guest referee
    HHH vs Roman Reigns: WWE title
    The Undertaker vs Kevin Owens
    Dean Ambrose vs Y2J: IC title
    Charlette vs Sasha: Divas Title
    Del Rio vs Ziggler vs Neville vs Kalisto vs Bray Wyatt vs Ryback: US title
    The New Day vs The Usos vs LON (Sheamus & Rusev) vs The Dudleyz: Tag Team titles
    Andre Memorial Battle Royal

    And MAYBE we'll get Daniel Bryan vs Kurt Angle but I highly doubt it.
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  3. FYI, MVP is reportedly heading down to Lucha Underground.
  4. And MAYBE we'll get Daniel Bryan vs Kurt Angle but I highly doubt it.
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  5. Great read!
    That really pulled me in.

    I personally think those are amazing ideas. And the part about Kurt angle as a surprise that was great, I would mark the fuck out. I hated him as a kid, but now that I'm older that would be epic. In the biggest wm crowd too.
    And undertaker vs rock... Fuckin eh. Another epic match.

    You should seriously look into like real article writing. As a career or something That was very well worded.
  6. Yeah, read about that somewhere but here's to me just hoping I guess cause i really liked him and it's too bad WWE didn't bank on him....
  7. Thanks, I appreciate the kind words :cesaro:

    It's just an effort to try an put the pieces of the puzzle together, working on all the facts we have available to the day and sum it up with ideas as realistic as possible. I guess we'll start getting a more clear picture after the Royal Rumble; that's when things will start to shape up...
  8. With the 2016 Royal Rumble offiicially in the books, I think we got a first taste at things to come and by the looks of it, there's a potential of at least 3 of my ideas to actually be developed as stories towards Wrestlemania.

    Ok, the first one was the rather obvious one with Roman squaring off with Triple H. It ain't rocket science folks, just what made the most sense given all the injuries and how the roster has shaped up as of now. Almost everyone has seen this coming so it was a rather easy prediction....

    Aside from that, however, it appears that WWE are going with Brock vs Bray at Wrestlemania. As expected, the Wyatts did eliminate Brock during the Rumble match so there's your set up and it only remains to be seen how they play it out cause there's of course Fastlane before Mania. My early guess? Probably a handicap match at Fastlane with Brock taking on the three members of the family EXCEPT Bray (destroying them, of course) and then one on one with Bray at Mania, perhaps with some stipulation like a cage match or something...

    Y2J vs Ambrose I also feel is in the process. Aside from the history between these two, Ambrose did end up eliminating Jericho last night so one would think that this feud will evolve. Whether they settle it at Fastlane or Mania it remains to be seen...

    Now, the fact that Dean retained last night basically throws out the window my idea of KO vs Daniel Bryan at Mania for the IC title (I still think it made for a good story) but I'm still going to insist that DB WILL return after Fastlane, on the following Monday Night RAW. I'm probably the only one as of now making such a bold call and no, I have no kind of info whatsoever regarding this matter; it's just a prediction based on my experience on how WWE tends to operate. So, yeah, get your YES! T-shirts ironed and ready cause I totally feel the clock is ticking...

    A Triple Threat for the Divas title with Charlotte vs Becky vs Sasha Banks appears like a rather safe bet, unless they decide to maybe include Paige in the mix and make it a Fatal 4 Way; meh, the triple threat I think sounds better...

    Interesting to see what plans WWE have for AJ Styles. Too early to call anything at this moment and same goes for the New Day, given how weak the division is. I guess the only question here is...who's coming? Will they bring up a tag team from NXT? Ok, the Dudley's are around and the Lucha Dragons as well (Sinkara is expected back soon) but that ain't enough, right?

    What about the League of Nations and the Social Outcasts? As of now, these factions practically have no purpose whatsoever and I can only wonder if the plan is to have them stick around till the Bullet Club arrives and serve as the first victims. Kind of makes sense I guess...
  9. As of last night, we got our main event for Fastlane, a Triple Threat between Ambrose, Reigns and Lesnar with the winner facing HHH at Mania for the title.

    It was rather clear to begin with (we've talked about it for months now) that HHH vs Roman Reigns was the ultimate plan for Mania so WWE needed to do something in order to make Fastlane interesting since there was no chance in hell HHH was going to defend his title there. As much as WWE claim they want to upgrade Fastlane into a major PPV, this specific match is a Mania match so in that aspect WWE figured out the best way to both make Fastlane interesting and keep HHH out of the ring and out of any type of title defense.

    Now, "interesting" in this case is more of a figure of speech since we all know the outcome. I mean, where's the interest when you already know what's going to happen, right? Anyway, it's up to WWE to at least help us accept it easier by making a good story.

    I know it's probably too early but like I said in a previous post, it ain't rocket science. You just know that the Wyatts will get involved and get in Brocks way yet again, setting up Bray vs Brock at Mania and with Brock "occupied", Roman will pin Dean to pick up the win.

    This main event at Fastlane I guess also tells us that WWE are sticking with Dean Ambrose as IC champ till Mania. If he's not defending it at Fastlane, well, I can't possibly see a title switch on RAW or Smackdown so I guess Ambrose vs Y2J will happen at Mania and it will be for the belt after all. I mean, you don't think Ambrose eliminating Jericho during the Rumble will just be forgotten, do you?

    Lastly, on a side note, since the Rock made an appearance on RAW last night, I guess we should look forward to Stone Cold Steve Austin making an appearance of his own soon enough...
  10. I'm actually so glad HHH won the title. As soon as his music hit I was amped. I definitely wanted him to win once he came out...
    That being said, from what I gather, Alot of people disagree with the decision. It's like a throw back for me (since I've only seen from last wm...before that, I last watched 10 years prior.)
    So seeing hunter win was amazing. My buddy hated it. Couple guys at work hated it...and I see people all over the net hating it.
    Although it'll be hhh vs reigns, presumably at wm, I want hhh to retain so bad lol. Now I don't mind reigns at all, but personally like HHH more.

    I'd also be amped to see a 4 on 1 with the Wyatts vs Lesnar at the mania. That would be pretty sweet. Or if they don't go that route, use Braun vs Kane with some sort of stipulation wetter it's a cage match or no dq. Something interesting.
    Ambrose vs Jericho is good aswell. Maybe make it a triple threat with KO, or a fatal 4 way and add AJ in the mix too... that'd be killer.

    And lastly....yes. bring on the Texas rattlesnake! That'd be 1 sure fire way to sell even more tickets for the mania. Maybe throw Goldberg in there somehow aswell? Rock vs stone cold, Goldberg special guest referee? Lol ok now I'm getting crazy.

    Either way, those are a few ideas I had floating around. .. but then again I think I'm stuck in the old days. I'm sure none of this will actually come to fruition. Lol

    Again, nice write ups!
  11. What people fail to understand is that HHH being the champion right now was best for business and the only reasonable choice they really had given all the major stars that are out injured. In other words, WWE was basically forced to go down that route because they know HHH was the only one available to serve the purpose of the big time heal that will receive all the heat, helping at the same time Roman Reigns go over. That's been the ultimate plan all along and as much as people may dislike it, you have to realise it was the most logical thing in terms of the storyline. If, say, Randy Orton or Seth Rollins were around, you can be certain that HHH wouldn't be champion today but the circumstances were such that WWE had no other option really.

    Whether we like it or not, we are being fed with Roman Reigns as the next big face in the company, the next John Cena so HHH will just play his part, drop the belt and go back to his Authority thing till Wrestlemania 33, where he eventually faces the Rock; look at me already talking Wrestlemania over a year in advance....

    As far as Lesnar and the Wyatts are concerned, I don't think WWE will go with the handicap angle or at least I hope they don't. Ok, sure, there shall be the usual interference but eventually it should come down to a simple 1 on 1 with Bray eventually winning it, as he deserves. I too am all for Brock destroying everyone but he's got to start putting some guys over and Bray has more than earned it. It's about time Bray picks up a big win and it should be a clean one...

    Ambrose vs Y2J will also be a 1 on 1. I think that after the Last Man Standing match KO is out of the IC title picture for now and you can look for WWE to utilise him elsewhere. Several are speculating KO vs AJ which I'm all for it but it's still unclear so we shall see...

    As for my reference on Austin, I actually meant him coming on RAW just to cut a nice promo and get the fans amped for Wrestlemania like the Rock did yesterday. Now, a while back I actually mentioned an angle with Sheamus (3:16 vs 5:16) but it doesn't appear that Austin will wrestle; never say never, I guess, but let's just say it's highly unlikely. Rock vs Taker, on the other hand, is a much better possibility despite whatever talk about the Rock and whatever insurance clause. If the Great One wants to wrestle at WM, he'll fuckin wrestle just like he can do whatever he wants when he wants. Did you notice last night on RAW? PG my ass...He talked about the unicorn penus, he talked about weed, used the "bitch" word. Why? Cause he's the Rock....period.
  12. I actually only watched a few minutes of raw then turned on super mario maker (awesome game BTW lol) and when I turned it back to raw it was in the middle of aj vs y2j so I turned it back to the game (I recorded raw... didn't want to join half way thru a match)

    I get what you mean with all of that. And it's a shame the company wants soooo hard to push guys in our faces to be liked. It should be natural. If the fans obviously don't agree with reigns as the top dog..... then why continue forcing it? (Rhetorical question)

    I do agree that bray deserves a big single win to Brock. But the 4 on 1 handicap would be great also lol. Even if it means Lesnar getting obliterated.

    The ambrose vs Jericho singles would be alright, but matches are always better in a triple threat or more. (My opinion) although on second thought if you throw styles in the mix then people would want him to win and I can't see them messing with ambrose like that. Seems as if hes another guy the comany wants to hold onto. For good reason. I like him aswell.

    Fuck it, throw KO in a match with big show or mark Henry lol they can job to him.

    Anyway back to work I go
  13. Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar is a way better of a main event then Reigns vs HHH.

    They should of just put Reigns vs HHH at Fastlane. Also had Ambrose drop the IC title and done Brock vs Bray Wyatt at Fastlane too.
  14. don't have anything to say really

    you're a good writer alex
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  15. My idea was this
    Dean Ambrose wins at Fastlane, he's still the IC champion
    The card is this so far, i'm still thinkinh of the rest and some changes...

    Intercontinental Championship
    Ambrose vs. Wyatt O Ambrose vs. Jericho

    Aj Styles vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn OR Aj Styles vs. The Rock OR Aj Styles vs. Sami Zayn

    Undertaker vs. The Rock OR Undertaker vs. Kevin Owens

    Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns OR Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock OR Brock Lesnar vs. Kevin Owens (Wyatts are a bad idea for a feud, just have this end at fastlane please)

    WWE World Heavyweight Championship
    Triple H vs. Ambrose

    Ambrose is the best idea but the one WWE is not willing to take, if they go the most predictable route here with Roman than you won't be hearing from me for a while as I search new occupations for my spare time. (Nah not really lol) The Undertaker, Kevin Owens, The Rock and Brock Lesnar can go whatever way with the 4 in 2 matches... The Rock is good for Taker though, we never got that mania match, maybe it can be the double retirement of the 2 from part competition, ending both their wrestling careers
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  16. As noted in another thread, I just don't think WWE have the balls to go with Ambrose. I totally agree that Dean Ambrose is a much better idea. The guy is over with the crowd and it's not even close in comparison to Roman Reigns but WWE are so stubborn with their master plan to even see it and to actually take the opposite route that really makes the most sense: turn Roman heel. Why not just capitlize on the situation and make the most of it? I mean, the reaction that Roman is getting isn't the one anticipated but he's getting a strong reaction nonetheless, just a negative one. So why not just use it to your advantage? Anyway, unless WWE are setting us up for the biggest of swerves (in which case, I'll be the first to applaud and give them their props), I guess we'll have to deal with the situation as is. The thing is, they've been setting up the Roman vs HHH match for way too long to just abandon it last minute.
  17. Well as I said in other topics Vince McMahon isn't a man from this time period, now that it's the year 2016 we don't live in world where wrestlers have to look good to be wrestlers... or "superstars"... whatever... Vince isn't really letting the new world in. Either WWE is really considering Ambrose winning this match at Fastlane based on the crowd or Vince is still forcing Reigns up our asses.
  18. This thread started as an attempt to make predicitions regarding Wrestlemania and how the card may look like based on the current storylines but this doesn't necessarily mean that the conversation has to be that specific. The title says "road to Wrestlemania" and, well, it's WM season, isn't it? Or not?

    I most certainly would like to get your thoughts on this because this is indeed supposed to be WM season yet it's doesn't really feel like it. This time of the year is supposed to be about excitement and anticipation, major storylines being developed, hyped and have us itching and thinking anxiously what's next and etc. Anyone feel any of those things? I know I don't...

    Now, one may argue that it's still relatively early with two full months ahead of us. True, but what is it that's currently happening in WWE that appears promising for the near future? I mean fuck, for the most part, nothing makes sense.

    Take Kevin Owens for example. This guy was a steady work in progress, looking stronger and stronger as the weeks went by, had an excellent showing at the Rumble despite the loss to Ambrose (which I feel elevated him even more_ and then....what? He jobs to Dolph Ziggler. I mean, that's what it has come down to, no? Not only do we have to suffer watching the same match over and over again, but for two straight weeks Dolph, who noone gives a fuck about these days, is getting the wins? For what? Maybe I'm too stupid to see it but what exactly is the goal here? Where is this going?

    What about Roman Reigns? We all know the ultimate goal is to make him the face of the company but to me it feels like ever since the Rumble, WWE have done a shitty job in his case. Not only was his showing at the RR weak (napping for half the duration of the match in the back), but everything that followed since has been equally poor. And then you have Dean Ambrose looking like the real deal, which is fine, but at the same time what does that do for Roman?

    Speaking of Dean, is his use of a heel move the other night (obviously referring to the low blow) a tease for a possible turn? And if that's the case, is WWE out of their minds? You're looking to turn heel the one guy in the current active roster that is as over as it gets and not do so with a guy like Roman who get's very little or mostly negative responses from the crowd when he shows up? Where the fuck is the logic in that?

    Some more questions:

    Why has Brock not bothered whatsoever to confront the Wyatt family yet for what happened at the RR? Ok, the easy answer is that they are probably saving it for after Fastlane but not even a single teasing confrontation?

    Why does Titus go on a sweat winning streak, seemingly getting some kind of a push only to lose out of the blue to Adam Rose? Seriously? To Adam Rose?

    What on earth are they thinking and doing with Ryback???? What genious came up with that idea?

    Why are the League of Nations still around as a group?

    I could also add why Brie Bella was inserted all of a sudden in the title picture but, ok, I get it...

    On a possitive note, at least WWE made a good move with the Dudley Boys and this ought to spice things up in the tag team division...

    Anyway, let's hope that soon enough WWE will get their shit together and start delivering cause if they continue this path, they'll be lucky to sell half the tickets come Mania...
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