The Roast of Hulk Hogan

Dan St Germain

Hey guys, I'm one of the hosts over at WrestleRoasts. Mike Lawrence, Robert Karpeles (the man behind WWEcreativeish), Scott Chaplin, Benji Afalo, and Brian Moses will be on our show next week taking a bulldoozer to Hulkamania. Here are some past jokes...

- The Hardys are what happens when a pregnant woman drinks the inside of a lava lamp
- Matt Hardy’s catch phrase is “Delete! Delete!” which is something Jerry Lawler has to yell every time he goes online
- Someone sang “Here comes the money” followed by a sweaty McMahon entering the room? Is that Shane or Vince paying off the cops called to Snuka’s hotel suite?
- I’ve never seen a wrestler so desperate for cheap heat since Virgil slept next to a radiator.
- Big Show looks like a float at a Proud Boy Parade.
- Goldberg is the Shawn Spears of Spears.
- The Hart Dungeon was no joke. Nowadays if you’re a wrestler stretched into a pretzel you’re either doing DDP Yoga or are a present for Jim Cornette’s wife.
- Bret Hart successfully won his battle with cancer. Well cancer just gave up because they couldn’t agree on a finish that made both of them look strong.


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Roasting Hulk Hogan should be a cake walk. He writes the jokes against him himself.

Just don't be like the roast of Hugh Hefner where everyone except Gilbert Gottfried praised him for the semen on their magazines rather than actually make fun of him.

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