Elimination Chamber The Rock Advertised For Elimination Chamber

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CM Punk, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. Does this mean he's winning the WWE Champion?
  2. Could just mean he's making an appearance, not actually wrestling. In the chance he wins the belt and in the very small chance he actually performs in the chamber match, expect him to spend very little time in it (similar to how much time he spent in the tag match at Survivor Series 2011.)
  3. Yes, he's winning the title. Well, at least he's going to defend it at EC. That's a plus. Still not happy with him winning the title.
  4. Yeah, this definitely points to him winning the WWE Championship and going on to defend it at Elimination Chamber when combined with several previous reports (like the one that states Rock's been under the impression he's winning the title and the only big problem was Rock can't do house shows). Personally, I don't like the idea of Rock winning, but part of that was due to me not believing he'd defend at the Chamber so it seems there'll be less to bitch at.

    Also, since I am assuming he'll be wrestling at the Chamber, I fully predict he'll be wrestling in the Chamber match since it'll be the easiest way to promote him in a match he hardly has to wrestle in. Have him as the last entrant, and based off previous Chambers, that leaves him with ten minutes he'll have to wrestle (and they can always cut it down but it's less than that considering he'll probably get down time). And plus, there's no rule that says he needs to wrestle on the steel (or that he has to bump on it) if they want to be extra safe. And to be honest, I do want to see Rock wrestling in the Chamber, so at least this black cloud has a silver lining for me.
  5. Hi Rock bottom lol bye.
  6. Bad news for Punk marks, lol.
  7. Meh, he's winning the title and looks like he will face John Cena for it at WM.
  8. Ugh, Cena/Rock II = borefest :annoyed:
  9. the fact that they announced Rock being at EC would make it way too obvious for Rock to win at RR and hold title till WM.

    I think Rock will just be there to challenge someone at WM.
  10. +1
  11. Re: RE: The Rock Advertised For Elimination Chamber

    If we must have Rock Cena 2 Punk should retain after Cena's interference for me, even make it accidental (Shield interfere and Cena attempts to hit one with a chair but he ducks and hits Rock.
  12. Rock vs Cena 2 at WM29 = :NO: :NO:
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