The Rock and John Cena more similar then people think?

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  1. Just watched a few old Rock promos and is it just me or are these two a lot more similar than people give them credit for?

    • Both got so over as heels they had to be turned face, during or slightly after mid card title runs.
    • Both are media darlings, in 2000 Rock was everywhere he even had a cd at one point.
    • Both are regarded as having limited move sets
    • Both were / are hated by some in the IWC during their primes for being limited and repetitive ( Here here )
    • Both utilized ridiculous show moves - Spinebuster peoples elbow / protoplex into the 5 knuckle shuffle.
    • Both had the WWE look.
    • Both got over on their mic work.

    There are more similarities and more difference but these two are portrayed as polar opposites by some people but they seem to be a lot closer then people believe.
  2. I've said this for so long now and I get shot down by Rock marks. If anything, Cena could do more than Rock as he was a lot stronger (FU to Big Show for example).
  3. Rock Promo>KUNG POW BITCH Cena promo! Any more question?
  4. Yes, did you have to write that on your wrist? After all what ever Rock says you seem to copy. Also can you dispute my point about the similarities between the two? This isn't a thread of who's better rather comparing the two and their similar traits.

  7. inb4thatsatattoo
  8. Their careers are similar, but The Rock's time had much more talent to fight against, and you needed to be REAL DEAL in order to succeed. The Rock is much better actor than Cena, that's why he went to Hollywood, it was a logical next step for his career. Cena's acting is horrible, and it's great news for his fanboys, because he's gonna stay in 'E for at least 10 more years and shooting their crappy movies.
  9. Photoshop!
  10. [yt][/yt]
  11. were it does not show anything!?
  12. Look at his wrist you can see the markings.
  13. The Rock was on top for a 3 year period, while Cena has been pushed as a top face for 6+ years
  14. Dude it's not photoshop... google it.
  15. uh b/c Cena is a PG BITCH! WWE does push anyone else! If The Rock had wrestle in this Era he would Champion WAY MORE THE CENA WOULD HAVE EVER BEEN! :rock:
  16. Thread isn't about that though really, it's about how their mainly similar in other ways.
  17. People say they're polar opposites because of their very different personalities. Also, Cena has been watered down ever since he officially became a main eventer and has centered mostly to kids. Rock appealed to the 18-36 demographic (or whatever it was.) And despite what some people think, Rock has a fairly deep move set that is not limited at all. He was just overshadowed by his charisma on the mic.
  18. I sure see them.
    As said, the moves and all of that.
    The fans, fame, etc....
  19. To be honest you could take most any two wrestlers and cherry pick some similarities if you wanted to.
  20. Name two.
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