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  1. I feel like too many people don't know or forget how great THE ROCK was. People see this Dwayne Johnson guy and dismiss him as a cheesy part-timer and all that B.S.

    Post your favorite THE ROCK stuff ITT (Matches, promos, interviews, theme songs, etc).
    *I'm pretty drunk atm, if this isn't thread worthy go ahead and delete this. Pls don't though. I need a place where I can fap to The Rock.

    Possibly my favorite promo ever. I know like the first half of this by memory lol... I'm a nerd.

    Best theme ever

    As for modern Rock this is pretty good
  2. lol my tags are all over the place
  3. The Rock choosing between WWF and The Alliance. So epic.
  4. Dunno about the entire theme, but the intro is prime:
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  5. Hell yeah. Hollywood Rock was cool as fuck too.
  6. The Rock shitting all over Sacramento and SCSA = Epic.
  7. He was a guy who fit in his era. His star power was off the charts and still is, however his work isn't all that great. The majority of his promos were catchphrases and pauses by 2000 and his ring work was basic to say the best. However he managed to make those little components into something great.
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  9. Rock would fit wonderfully into any era. And in terms of the things that matter, i.e. storytelling, ring psychology, etc., he was a very great worker. There's few guys that he couldn't have at least a *good* match with, if not a great one.

    That someone like him picked up on the business in such a short amount of time is a testament to how talented he is.
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  10. That's what makes anyone great bro. Timing and the ability to feed the crowd and feed off of it. That's what makes his "work" great.
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  11. Absolutely, Rock was definitely an oddly magnetic character.
  12. [​IMG] loved his matches with Mankind
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  13. Super entertaining. If this feud ran into a PPV match, it would've been a great thing to see. Love these segments.
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  14. Fuck "in ring work". Did he not do enough backflips and cartwheels for you? He was fine in the ring and sold well. Also, for the catchphrasing bullshit, I don't think he "relied" on them much 'till around 2000 and later. He was still getting his shit over in 98-99 (when he was at his best). The Rock in his prime would destroy in ANY era. He would shit on lowlife CM Punk, Edge, Daniel Bryan, Batista, Orton, Aj Styles lol, Reigns, etc. I was going to add JBL, but I would've actually liked to see a JBL/Rock feud, the promos would likely be awesome. His mannerisms, his no give a fuck promos, his charisma, etc. It's nearly unmatched. There's a reason he's one of the biggest stars in ALL of entertainment, not just rassin'. Hell, if THE ROCK (not Dwayne Johnson) came back in 2016 and was allowed (or wanted to) SHIT on the roster he easily could and would. THE ROCK was an amazing character, kinda sucks Dwayne decided to kill it off or at least water it down. But it makes sense, he wanted to be more than just "The Rock". But that's another topic in itself, really.
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  15. The Rock at the Republican National Convention 2000. Why? Because he's a fucking beast that draws. Even toned down he has more charisma than 99% of human beings.

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  16. I also love how THE ROCK would usually be alone and he'd still have no problem shitting on Triple H and DX or whoever else Triple H was having orgies with. Nigga didn't need help.
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  17. OMG CATCHPHRASES. Who gives a fuck, listen to the crowd. Look how lame Undertaker comes off, THE UNDERTAKER.
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