The Rock as a DC character?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Trip in the Head, Mar 7, 2014.

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  1. So I've seen alot of news floating around about the Rock playing a DC character in an upcoming movie. The concensus seems to be that he will reprise the Green Lantern role initially played (and ruined) by Ryan Reynolds. I've also heard he might play a villain instead. You guys heard anything? Where do you think the Rock fits in best in the DCU?
  2. Going a bit off topic, but I for one liked the green lantern movie. Why the hate?
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  3. I honestly haven't seen it. Just going off the feel I get from everyone I talk to about it. Maybe I should see it if you think it was good.
  4. A lot of people hated the Green Lantern movie just because of Ryan Reynolds himself. DC's only saving face right now, is the Man of Steel and Dark Knight series. They need to hurry up and get a Justice League started so I can fanboy.
  5. I actually kind of like Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder was epic) so I guess I should check out Green Lantern for myself
  6. Ryan Reynolds is the 2nd best looking dude named Ryan
  7. So is that your real name? Or Solidus'?
  8. :boss:
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  9. Eh, figured it was a setup like that of some sorts. So whatcha talking bout Willis? :willis:
  10. Mario face means you were correct.

  11. Ryan?!?! :damn: I wasn't even close
  12. :facepalm1:
  13. Yeah I went into it with no expectations due to all the fanboy whining and ended up liking it. It's not a perfect movie by any means, but a fun one IMO.
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  14. what was my guess for you? Steve?

    I still peg you as a Steve.
  15. From this moment forth Senhor, you are to go by the name Steve
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  16. No, Steve was aids' guess. No I'm not a Steve either.
  17. Oh hai Steve! How you?
  18. It wasnt horrible, but definitely was not Ryan Reynolds fault. Thats like blaming Ed Norton for a mediocre Hulk movie. Well, close to that.
  19. I liked that one too :happy:
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  20. Fine Helga. You?
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