WrestleMania the rock at wm30

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  1. i know its still another year away but who do u think the rock will face at wm30 im not sure where to put him on my dreamcard as id like punk/austin

    The only options i can think of is he vs lesnar if he signs a new contract or foley comes
    Of retirement for one more match and teams up with rock for a reunion of rock and sock connection for one last time or db or dz have a stong year and go against him

    What about you guys what role/opponant do you think rock will have at wm30
  2. Maybe some young star who actually could use the rub this time.
  3. Colin Delaney.
  4. Only if they're on Rock's level. No one on the roster is big enough to main event against Rock at WM.
  5. More than enough time to create enough until 30. Plus, if all they were going to do with Rock was going to get a few big buyrates and wrestle dream matches vs Cena, he could've just stayed in his movies and stuff as far as I'm concerned. Business-wise it's a huge waste to do stuff like put Rock vs Cena and Brock vs HHH.
  6. Rock/Cena once was enough, I agree with what you said completely. If Rocky comes back next year, it should be to give the rub to an rising star looking to earn his stripes. Ex. Ambrose, Cesaro, Ryback, etc.
  7. Ikr? It just makes so much sense. I guess it's just Vince not caring about the future and wanting to make as much money as possible as soon as he can, only possible explanation.
  9. Cesaro or Reigns.
  10. I think it's pretty obvious he is facing Lesnar, I even read that they are gonna tease the match the RAW after WM.
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